Finding what kind of cause to fund can be hard. This is true for individual people.
People often want to give to charity, but they don’t know where to begin. It is
also true for organizations. It is important to find a focus for their efforts
and see it through. That is one of the guiding principles
at the Colcom Foundation


Right here, they have a specific group of ideas they want to convey to the public.
Conveying these ideas often takes a lot of thought. The public is full of
people who are happy to find out about new ideas. The public is also full of
people who are very much willing to think about the ideas they hold and why
they might want to change them. Expert advice can and will help share the
public’s opinion about many kinds of issues that are of interest to the
American public.  


Specific Ideas  

At the Colcom Foundation they are well aware that there are specific ideas that their founder wished to convey to
the public. These are ideas about the world’s population as well as the need to
keep preserving open spaces. These are important ideas that have an impact on
how all people in the United States live, work and choose to enjoy the country.

Colcom Foundation’s work has also facilitated proactive environmental advocacy and
protection by groups, including the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy,
WeConservePA, Westmoreland Land Trust, Protect PT, and Fair Shake Environmental
Legal Services. 

A coherent vision from the Foundation is there to help them make sense of it all.
They work hard to help people understand what their founder wanted to do to
ensure that the people of Pittsburgh could live better. Today, they are
committed to the people who make their home in this area. They wish to bring
her vision to the public and keep it alive. That is the underlying idea behind
all they do for the American public. Visit this page for more


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