Over the past decade, one name has emerged as a beacon in the world of government
contracting: Margarita Howard. Propelling her firm, HX5, to the forefront of
government service provision, Howard’s leadership prowess is undisputed. 

Howard’s journey with HX5 is a tale of dedication and meticulous planning. Margarita Howard has steered HX5
to deliver a myriad of services, focusing mainly on engineering, research and
development, and information technology. Her mastery in bringing together a
team of experts and maintaining a favorable business climate has made HX5 a
preferred choice for government entities. 

With Howard at the helm, HX5 has not just survived but thrived in the competitive landscape of
government contracting. Margarita Howard’s strategic acumen, remarkable understanding of government
operations, and a commitment to excellence have seen HX5 secure both prime and
sub contracts, contributing to the firm’s portfolio and stability. 

Under Margarita Howard’s stewardship, HX5 has achieved impressive growth rates. However,
Howard’s work is far from over. She continues to focus on HX5’s strategic
growth, operational excellence, and fostering an inclusive work environment,
affirming her dedication to her employees and her firm. 

Howard’s leadership in HX5 is more than just about winning contracts. It’s about creating a culture of integrity,
hard work, and innovation. HX5’s success in securing and executing contracts is
testament to the trust and confidence Howard and her team have cultivated within the industry. 

The growth of HX5 under Margarita Howard’s leadership is a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her
work highlights the significant strides women can make in industries
traditionally dominated by men. As HX5 continues to chart new territories,
Howard’s name will undoubtedly remain synonymous with excellence in government contracting. 

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Find more information about Margarita Howard on https://www.govconwire.com/2018/01/nasa-taps-hx5-for-potential-377m-nasa-glenn-center-support-contract/