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Through rigorous testing and meticulous sourcing practices, doTERRA ensures that each bottle contains only the purest essential oils, free from additives or contaminants. By partnering with farmers who utilize regenerative agriculture practices, the brand not only supports environmental stewardship but also promotes the health of the planet. Beyond just providing exceptional products, doTERRA is dedicated to making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

Through initiatives like the Healing Hands Foundation and partnerships with organizations like Choice Humanitarian, the brand actively participates in community development projects, empowering individuals and families to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. For those looking to incorporate essential oils into their daily routine, doTERRA offers a wide range of options. Whether you’re seeking relaxation with the Serenity Sleep System or support for weight management.

All of them with cutting-edge nutritional supplements, doTERRA has something for everyone. Plus, with options for wholesale membership, individuals can access the brand´s products at discounted prices and even earn free product points with each purchase. Joining the doTERRA family also means gaining access to a supportive community of Wellness Advocates and Certified Aromatherapists.
Through educational resources, workshops, and events like Reclaim Your Health Events, members can deepen their understanding of aromatherapy and its many benefits. Experience the magic of doTERRA essential oils and elevate your well-being today. Contact member services toll-free at 800-411-8151 to learn more and take the first step on your journey to optimal health and vitality.