Margarita Howard, the founder and CEO of HX5, has navigated the intricate dynamics between prime
contractors and subcontractors in government projects with exceptional skill.
With almost two decades of experience, Howard has led HX5 to become a renowned government
contracting firm, serving prestigious organizations such as the Army, Navy, Air
Force, NASA, and the General Services Administration. HX5 specializes in professional mission support services, including research and development,
software and hardware engineering, information technology, missions operations
support, and program management and logistics. 

As the sole owner of HX5, Margarita Howard has effectively balanced the roles of both prime
contractor and subcontractor. While prime contractors hold direct contracts
with the government and are responsible for overseeing the overall project,
subcontractors are hired to perform specific tasks. HX5 actively engages in
both types of contracts, showcasing its versatility and expertise in the field. 

Howard’s journey with HX5 began humbly, with her knocking on doors, seeking banks and
small-business loans to establish and grow the company. Despite facing numerous
rejections, one bank took a chance on HX5 when it was a small enterprise with
less than 50 employees. Howard remains loyal to this bank to this day, valuing
the support and trust they showed during the early stages of her business.
Today, HX5 boasts over 1,000 employees and operates in 34 states and over 90
locations across the country. 

Margarita Howard’s leadership and dedication have been instrumental in HX5’s
remarkable growth. With a carefully selected management team and a culture of
trust and loyalty, the company has thrived. Howard emphasizes the importance of
her employees and key partners who have been with HX5 from the beginning,
including the accounting firm, banking firm, and insurers. Their unwavering
support has contributed to the company’s success. 

HX5’s journey under Margarita Howard’s leadership exemplifies the American dream. Despite personal
challenges, she pursued higher education, joined the military, and gained
valuable experience working on government contracts before establishing HX5.
Her determination and competitive edge have propelled the company to new heights. 

In conclusion, Margarita Howard’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic leadership have
propelled HX5 to become a leading government contracting firm. With a strong
team and a commitment to excellence, HX5 continues to thrive in the industry,
delivering exceptional service to its clients. Refer to this article to learn more. 


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