Greycoat specialists share insights on the UK´s current housing trends. Within the property purchase market, a landlord has to pay £14k because he failed to make the necessary repairs for his tenants.

The tenants are living in Padiham. David Waddington is the owner of the property. Tenants have complained that they lived in hazardous conditions. Greycoat real estate agency adds that they had to deal with mold, holes in the ceiling and electrical hazards.

Burnley Council has reached out to David and asked him to make the repairs. However, he only made a few minor repairs. David has also received three offenses for not making repairs. Greycoat adds that a spokesperson for the council stated that he is happy that tenants are finally getting the justice that they deserve.

The landlord had already been investigated by the council for two years. The spokesperson has stated that it is dangerous for people to live in poor conditions. For Greycoat, it affects people’s health and well-being. Landlords are required to make sure that their tenants live in housing that is both clean and safe.

That is something that David Waddington failed to do. Finding safe housing is just as important as affordable housing. Greycoat Real Estate can ensure that you find safe housing that is within your budget. They can also help you if you are interested in being a property owner.