Under the leadership of Margarita Howard, the CEO and President of HX5, the company has
emerged as a highly successful player in the government contracting industry.
With over 1,000 employees and a presence in 34 locations, HX5
has established itself as a prominent provider
of mission support services to the Department of
Defense and NASA. 

As a woman-owned small business, Margarita Howard faced and conquered significant challenges in
the male-dominated government contracting industry. Through her professionalism
and competence, she established credibility and effectively led the company. Howard’s
commitment to diversity is reflected in the majority of HX5’s management team,
which comprises women. Margarita Howard believes in the
potential and capabilities of women in leadership positions and is proud to see
them assume prominent roles in the industry. 

Howard’s journey into government contracting started with her experience in military health care
programs. She gained valuable insights into the operational aspects of large
government contracts while working on the implementation of the Tricare
program, a major initiative in managed health care for the military. This
experience shaped her strategy for HX5, as she recognized the importance of
competitive bidding and the need for a strong infrastructure. 

One of Margarita Howard’s key strategies was to differentiate HX5 from its competitors
by focusing on competitive bidding instead of relying solely on sole-source
awards. This approach allowed HX5 to compete effectively in the 8(a) program,
which provides contracting opportunities and training for small business owners
facing social and economic disadvantages. With her 8(a) certification, Howard
could secure contracts worth several million dollars. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of government contracting, Howard emphasizes the
importance of staying ahead of regulations and learning from mistakes.
Compliance reporting and audits are crucial, and Howard ensures that HX5’s
records are impeccable when working with the government. She attributes the
company’s success to its dedicated and experienced management team, who have
been with HX5 for many years. 

Margarita Howard’s journey in government contracting is a testament to her resilience and
strategic foresight. As a woman-owned small business, she has navigated the
challenges of a male-dominated industry and achieved remarkable success.
Through her leadership, HX5 continues to thrive and make valuable contributions
to the government contracting world. 

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