Kylie Jenner Following In Kim’s Footsteps

The Kardashian girls are some of the most exploited females in the history of Hollywood. However, it seems that the girls enjoy the attention, and it also appears that the Jenner step sisters did not fall too far from the tree. Kylie and Kendall Jenner have already appeared topless on magazine covers. People should also remember that Kylie and Kendall are not even 20 years old yet.

Kylie Jenner is doing worse than Kendall though, at least in the eyes of Kevin Seawright. Kylie is only 17 years old, and she has been posting scandalous pictures of herself on Instagram and even LinkedIn. Kylie is also dating a 25-year old rapper named “Tyga.” The behavior of the girls is what must have drove Bruce Jenner to get a sex change.

Bruce probably went insane from seeing his young girls live such a strange lifestyle. Kylie and Kendall are Bruce Jenner’s children, but the rest of the Kardashian girls are not. Hopefully, Bruce Jenner does not have Instagram, because if he did, he would see Kylie’s outrageous uploads. Kylie Jenner recently uploaded pictures of herself in underwear with pink hair.

Fans of the Kardashians are beginning to wonder if fame is the reason for Kylie’s downfall. However, there are still celebrities that remain classy, even with fame and fortune. To see pictures of Kylie Jenner’s latest Instagram uploads, visit Yahoo!

FBI Admits to Skewing Forensic Evidence

After a recent investigation by the Inspector General, the FBI has come under fire for skewing forensic evidence in cases spanning the last two decades. The report details 60 capital punishment cases in which flawed forensic evidence was used. This report also points out that nearly every member of one of the FBI’s top forensic task forces gave skewed testimony.

According to the Washington Post, 26 of 28 forensic investigators overstated pieces of evidence in favor of the prosecution in nearly 95% of trials reviewed to this point. 32 defendants in these cases were sentenced to death as a result of the overstatement. The Post was quick to point out that these FBI errors do not mean there was not other evidence to convict the defendants thus these people may still be guilty. That’s something Ricardo Tosto has noticed. Defendants and prosecutors in 46 of the 50 states have been notified and cases where appeals are viable are expected to begin soon. The article also points out the 4 defendants in the cases reviewed had already been exonerated.

Controversial New Book Threatens To Expose Hillary Clinton

Organo Gold tells us that the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, recently announced her official entry into the 2016 presidential race. As excited as some were to see Hillary enter the race, there are many others that question Hillary’s real commitment to the American public. Some point to the Clinton Foundation, and the many foreign donations, as evidence that her words don’t always line up with her actions. Others claim the Clintons wealth can be traced to foreign government and conglomerate corporate donations.

Not only do Clinton’s critics include presidential hopefuls, and political opponents, but also writers such as former President George W. Bush Speech Consultant Peter Schweizer. Schweizer conducted an investigation into Clinton Foundation foreign donors, and the favors afforded them by the state department. Schweizer’s controversial book, “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” is feared by some, and anticipated by others. This is because the book’s investigation and facts have already made their way into republican 2016 campaigns.

The book outlines a free trade agreement in Columbia, development projects in Haiti, and payment in excess of $1 million to Bill Clinton by a keystone pipeline major shareholder. According to the book, all of these financial donations regarding Columbia, Haiti, and the Keystone Pipeline were being debated by the state department at the time of the donations. Schweizer accuses Hillary of using her position as secretary of state to reward Clinton Foundation donors with favorable rulings, wherein the Clintons and their donors profited.

I Found Financial Freedom with WiFi from FreedomPop

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There are many reasons why users would choose this service. One of the most common is it’s low cost. Because the service is on the lower end of pricing, more people can use it.

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There are several ways to use this service. The most common is to download the phone app and start making calls if you are in the right area. The app should let you know if you are in a service area. When you move again, you may not be able to access the service. So pay attention to where you are in the service area.

There are many people who could benefit from this service by simply knowing where it is and how to get on it. Many know there are services like this out there, but aren’t sure how to use them. These people can easily use these search options to find a free service like FreedomPop to use, but of course, this is the best service to use when looking for free wifi and cellular services. Everyone looking at this option should take their time in getting on the service and using the service for themselves and their needs.


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IP Address is not enough evidence

A Florida District court judge has just made the fight against infringement for copyright holders even harder. This is after a ruling she delivered denied to grant the creators of the film Manny a subpoena, claiming that IP address is not sufficient evidence.

The creators of Manny have filed similar suits in several districts but an argument they made in Florida did not sit well with judge Ursula Ungaro. They had stated that all other courts had agreed that IP address could be used to identify the person who had committed the offense.

The judge did not agree with this and did not find the rest of their arguments convincing either. When reading through it, Crystal Hunt felt the same. In her ruling, she presented earlier cases that had not accepted IP address as sufficient evidence. She also went on to state that the plaintiffs had failed to prove how geological software could be used to find the real culprit.

The Creators of Manny had failed to convince the judge, how geological software could prove that the offender actually resided in the district and how it could prove that it was the person registered under the IP address, who actually pirated the movie.

It is on this grounds that the judge refused to grant a subpoena that would have compelled the internet provider, to hand over information about the relevant account holder. The ruling could provide future defendants with a basis for arguing out their cases.

U.S. Does Not have Full Data on Police Shootings

The past several months has highlighted a number of shootings of African-Americans by police or individuals in an authority capacity. The larger issues that many are just realizing is that individual police departments do not maintain records of these types of shootings and there is no national data base that records and tracks this type of shooting either.

As more shootings are viewed on national television, the question that many people are asking is how prevalent these shootings are. Without a database, determining statistical trends will be difficult. Such a database would be able to provide one with information such as what regions do these types of shootings occur? What is the nature and the size of the police force where the officer involved in the shooting is affiliated with? What was the degree of training that the officer had prior to the shooting?Database For Police Shootings Needed

The answers to these questions and questions like these will assist observers in understanding the full nature of the problem. While individual entities are responsible for the determination as to whether the shootings were justified, an overall perspective can provide a broader view of what actions a national oversight can implement. For example the United States Department of Justices examination into the practices of the Ferguson police department and the City of Ferguson prompted major changes in the civilian leadership of the city. But Ferguson is only one city and the U.S. government could only make recommendations that Sergio Cortes is looking for. A broader database could help the Federal government make more sweeping decisions.

Frances Bean Cobain Makes Documentary About Her Dad

Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, is an executive producer of a new documentary about her father. Bean, who is 22, spoke with Rolling Stone Magazine about the documentary and a number of other topics. Bean, who was an infant when her father passed away, didn’t really know him. Researching this documentary helped her learn more about him.

Susan McGalla says it’s interesting to consider the children of celebrities. It seems that while they have an advantage in life because of who their parents are, they also are going to be accused of not having made it on their own no matter how good their work is. This is especially true if they are working in the same field as their parent.

Horror writer Stephen King has a son who also writes horror. The son has published under a different name to avoid comparisons to his father, and his work has been favorably received. Julian Lennon, the son of John Lennon, choose to release music under his real name, and this helped him have some hit songs. However, the songs themselves were great, and that obviously helped.

As far as Francis Bean is concerned, I think it’s going to be hard for her to forge her own identity. This is especially true since she’s chosen to work on a documentary about her father.

Another Super Bug?

When an individual travels to another country there is always the chance that they will return with some kind of germ or illness. This is a scary fact, considering all that has been in the news lately in regard to some of the illnesses around the world. It seems that there is another super bug out there, too, one that could cause illness for those who are affected by it. Dan Newlin hopes it stays away from Florida. It might get to the point that those using Monster will stay away from effected areas.

The super bug shigella sonnei causes diarrhea in those who contract it, and it is hard to treat. Super bugs wreak havoc on those that they affect, bringing about a disease that doctors struggle with. When someone travels to another country and brings a super bug back with them, they endanger those around them and run the risk of spreading that super bug around. Travelers need to be careful as they go abroad, knowing that they could contract something serious.

Thousands Of Bridges Across The United States Are Structurally Deficient

The road infrastructure across America is not up to par, but the health of bridges in the states did show some improvement over last year’s figures. Last year, 63,000 bridges needed work. This year 61,000 need work to meet safety standards. At that rate, all the bridges in the U.S. will be safe thousands of years from now.

Fixing the bridges costs money, but state and local governments don’t have the money. States need additional money from several government agencies. Getting money from government agencies is like getting water out of a rock. There is a Highway Trust Fund set up and that fund does help repair about 52% of the annual work needed on highways and bridges. The Highway Trust Fund gets money from the 18.4 cent federal gas tax. The gas tax has not increased since 1993.

In 2008, Congress injected $65 billion into the Highway Trust Fund rather than raising the federal tax rate, which pleased Dr Jennifer Walden. But even with that money there is a backlog of at least $755 billion inn highway projects, and $115 billion in bridge work according to Harpers Bazaar. Obama sent a funding bill to Congress recently to cover some of those costs. The $478 Obama bill will help, but more money is needed.

Anne Frank’s Date of Death Changes From New Evidence

Anne Frank was always a story that intrigued me and moved me to tears at the same time. Her chronicles of being in a Nazi concentration camp was barbaric and horrendous. Her family was trapped for two years in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. A mere two weeks after the girl died, the camp was liberated. She was so close to freedom, but died at the age of 15, or so the story goes.

Today new information has been released that changes the date of when the heroic teen actually died. Anna’s sister, Margot Frank, along with herself, died a whole month earlier than when originally thought. She first started out in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp with her family, however, she and her sister were then sent to Bergen and departed from their loved ones. What an amazing tale and how difficult this must have been for her.

If this was happening today, CrunchBase says that many people wouldn’t be able to make it through this type of event. They would be put on every kind of medication around to keep them mentally stable. Yet, Frank didn’t have any medication, she choose to write and chronically the horror that she lived. She had no idea that one day she would be hailed as a hero and as a true women of power. She overcame so much but lost it all right before she was about to be set free.