Starting From a Young Age

“When I started buying art, I never thought that this was going to turn into what it turned into” -Adam Sender

Thanks to being a skilled hedge fund manager Adam Sender, now in his mid forties, was able to begin buying art at a young age, starting in 1998. It wasn’t long before he left Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisers LP to become the founder and chief executive officer of Exis Capital Management Inc. Today Sender has amassed a library of over a thousand interestingly various works of art by more than 140 different artists, each with their own unique style. He takes varying styles and combine them in a way that makes them seem to naturally fit together as if pieces of a story that need to come together to form a whole. “When you speak about this collection, you have to talk about how kaleidoscopic it is,” said Gabriela Palmieri, who is a senior specialist in the Contemporary Art department at Sotheby’s where Sender is currently selling a portion of his collection, “You really see the intellectual curiosity of the person behind it.” While it is apparent that Sender appreciates sexuality, it is also clear that he appeals
to the spontaneous and risqué as well. Sarah Lucas, Charles Ray, Cindy Sherman, John Currin, and Richard Price whose “Spirited America” hung in a children’s wash-room during his 2011 show in Miami Home Alone. The Home Alone collection was exhibited in one of Sender’s homes, not even leaving closets unfilled, during the Art Basel Miami Beach annual art fair. It was said that the idea behind the collection was to make it seem as if the house had become so overrun with art that it has cause the residents to just pick-up and go, leaving the art home alone. “You go to collection visits in homes, but when have you ever seen a show that has taken over a residence? It seemed like an interesting angle” said Sender’s private curator Sarah Aibel, who had been working with him since 2006, she had also mentioned, “My thought process at first was, I was fighting against the idea that this was a residential space. I wanted to turn it into a white box. But it’s a residential space. Period. So I wanted to use that to its advantage.” Abiel and Adam Sender have both commented on how it’s a shame to have so much of Sender’s library “hidden away” in storage, the event was quite exciting for everyone and allowed some of these paintings to get the attention that they deserve.
Sender began to draw attention in 2003 at Matthew Barney’s art show at the Guggenheim Museum, the chief curator Lisa Dennison had described him as adventurous. “He collected Barney in depth, which was really adventurous then,” said Dennison, “Adam saw that Barney invented a new language of art, and he used that as a barometer for what he collected afterwards. Adam always looked at whole bodies of work, and in-depth. He was ahead of his time.” The attention kept climbing as he began loaning works in his collection with museums and other exhibitions; the Jewish Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New Museum in New York, and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris are a few places he’s loaned to. Sender regularly sells works he owns as well as donates some. “He created an interesting and provocative website that you can enter to make your case for a loan,” said Lisa Dennison, “It became a great and important lending library.”
The passion Sender has for art was able to grow and expand into what it is today due to his trading. “Collecting is a long-term process and it’s very different from what I do all day,” said Sender, “which is trading. It’s the yin and yang.” Despite his company’s great success, with a 15 percent gain in 2008 with no declines in the years after, in 2014 Sender decided to sell his company and focus entirely on his art library, commenting how “All things must pass.” With a particular eye that can pick out the best artworks immediately in a bunch, “kind of [like] lazer vision” as Sarah Aibel put it, Sender has been able to amount his vast collection and help newer artists, as well as more seasoned artists, become recognized. He commented how he doesn’t buy from artists who are still in school or a single year into their career, he likes to wait a couple of years to let them find their-self, “I’m not a chaser. I’m a pursuer of great works by artists who have had long careers.”
Although raised Jewish Sender is finding himself embarrassing Buddhist philosophy. Sender’s library and the way he compiles his collections reflect his own creative mind, it’s way of trying to communicate. Aibel once commented how a private collection can often reflect the collector’s own thought process and taste. “For me it was really important that the works were intellectually stimulating, and they had to be visually appealing as well,” said Sender, “Every single thing I bought, I was passionate about. It grew organically.” His library contains the diverse mix of works by Wangechi Mutu, Barbra Kruger, Raymond Pettibonm Banks Violette, Charles Ray, Mike Kelley, Rosemarie Trockel, Jim Lambie, Diana Al-Hadid, Frank Benson, Chris Ofili, Rashid Johnson, John Baldessari, Gilbert & George, Dan Flavin, Lawrence Weiner, Keith Harring, and many more. Sender now enters a new chapter of his life which he is happy to be lucky enough to live in company with many works of art.

Alexei Beltyukov Cares About Others

Alexei Beltyukov has a heart for people who are looking to start up a business for themselves. He knows how hard it is to do that on your own, and that is why he has founded Endemic Capitol. It is a resource that will provide funding to new companies that are starting up in Russia. He wants to give back and help out those who are just getting started in the business world. He wants to help them to succeed in all that they are trying to do.

Alexei Beltyukov has done quite a few things beyond working with Endemic Capital to help those who are trying to start up companies of their own. He has done a lot of philanthropic work. He has helped many other Russians to start businesses for themselves. He has a passion for doing that, and he has helped many people realize their dreams.

There is a lot that Alexei Beltyukov has done with his life, but the main thing that he has always been focused on is helping others. He wants to let others succeed in their business ventures, and he has done all that he can to see that happen. He has done work through Endemic Capital, work on his own, and work through other organizations. No matter what he is doing it through, he is always trying to help other Russians to be able to start up the business of their dreams.

Alexei Beltyukov is a man who cares, and that says a lot about him. Not too many people would take time out of their way to make sure that someone else succeeds. But he does. He cares about others and he wants them to be able to do all that they can with their businesses. He is a special man in the business world.

How QNET Plans to Dominate the Global Market

QNET is a successful online marketing company that has enjoyed many years of success based out of their Hong Kong location, but they are poised to make serious moves that will position them to be a true leader in the global industry. QNET has plans already in the works that shifting their core of operation from Hong Kong to India over the next few years. This will allow QNET to produce their products at more affordable rates and be able to expand their already growing inventory of products.

The majority of the products that QNET sells are focused on improving and enhancing the lives of their customers. These products range from wellness products, nutrition items, and skincare products. These products are produced to help promote a healthier lifestyle for their customers, allowing QNET to expand operation from one region to more than 100 different countries. These countries range from Russia, Europe, West Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Currently QNET has their manufacturing bases spread out over 12 different countries and hopes that by bringing the central locations to India, they can start focusing more on the niches and needs of their customers rather than mass producing a large line of products. Included in these niches are products now that help customers to increase education by way of online training courses and well as some vacation packages.

Director of Corporate Affairs for QNET, Zaheer Merchant, says the company is committed to moving to India and taking all the necessary precautions to do so the right way the first time. All licensing and applications are being filed and submitted properly so that this transfer can begin and move forward without incident. Production on a few items are already being exclusively done in India at the new Himachal Pradesh facility. The plan is to ramp up production on these items to reach global markets.

With their move to India, QNET can expand upon their niches for improved lifestyles by focusing more on their new lines of air and water purification, as well as education and weight management. This unique business strategy is poised to position QNET as a leader in their industry and reach a global audience that is in need of these products desperately. Mr. Merchant however says that this move to India of course does not come without challenges, but they are taking care of as many of these issues as possible to keep ahead of schedule. The regulatory landscape in India is forcing QNET to provide much safer products and produce them in a way that is safe for the environment too.

Once the move of production facilities to India is complete, QNET can focus all their efforts of providing high quality products for a global audience.

Bill Cosby Wants his Money Back

Now that the Andrea Constand report has become public knowledge and words from Bill Cosby himself uttering his used drugs to have sex with women, Bill Cosby wants his money back. In a release from his lawyer, Cosby is saying that is she continues to demand all the evidence of that case be revealed, then the settlement money she received should also be returned to him.

Although only excerpts from the case were revealed, they showed a side of Bill Cosby that many of the world could not have imagined. He admitted to lawyer Shaygan Kheradpir, that he would buy Qualudes and slip them to women that he wanted to have sex with. Once the women were sedated, it was easier for him to have his way with these women. Now many decades later, there are at least 20 different cases against the aging comedian for doing the exact same thing to each of them.

While these women have been dismissed for years as money hungry gold-diggers, it was a combination of all of them joining together and sharing similar stories that has brought the king of comedy down. He has now been under investigation, and has several lawsuits pending that will need to be addressed. To help all these women prove their cases, Andrea Constand focused on some of the documents released and was pushing for them to all go public. The response from the Cosby camp is they want their money back because she broke her promise in that settlement.

Trump Supporters Are Beginning to Cheer

You would think after Donal Trump attacked Senator John McCain and his record as a war hero, that many would begin distancing themselves from the presidential candidate. In fact, it appears the opposite is beginning to happen. People who have supported Trump are saying they are more confident in their choice, and those who hadn’t spoken out are saying Trump is like a breath of fresh air.

The news is quick to say how the latest comments by Trump as causing his party to be concerned, but Trump and his supporters like James Dondero feel the numbers do not lie. He feels the news is trying to put a wedge in between him and the GOP, and that he is actually gaining in numbers each week to their dismay. Trump is taking away attention from the other party members, and that could be a very good thing for his chances. The other GOP members might be afraid of all the added attention, but it appears Trump is thriving in these conditions.

People are getting sick and tired of candidates making promises, then getting in the White House and doing absolutely nothing. Trump shoots straight, and when confronted, he speaks his mind. He tells things like they are, and he calls out those who are not doing what they say they are doing,. This is the America many remember and many want back, and it appears the numbers are showing that he might be convincing the public he is the best choice for office after all.

Joseph Bismarck takes a positive approach to business

The leaders of the QI Group are well known for taking a spiritual and environmentally friendly approach to their business activities. One executive and the co-founder of the company, Joseph Bismarck has kept his own activities with the multi level marketing company quiet until now, the Left Handed Right Mind blog has revealed a little about the positive business approach taken by Joseph Bismarck. The need to look for environmentally and socially friendly activities that are included in the business life of Bismarck are thought to stem from his childhood spent living at a spiritual community where he learned meditation and contemplative techniques.

The different approach taken by the Singapore based Bismarck means he now commits a large amount of his time to the many charitable works completed by the QI Group and looks to assist those who are seeking to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. QI Group has established a working foundation that is seeking to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle amongst its employees and those who are living and working in and around the areas the group is active within. In terms of conservation the QI Group uses the renewable energy source of solar power at its sites and a paperless communication system throughout its business practices.

For Joseph Bismarck the chance to spend some time helping those who are part of the multi level marketing company and want to achieve their own business goals is also taken. Bismarck’s own history as an entrepreneur means he has the skills to help assist those who work with QI in becoming as successful as possible as Bismarck looks to drive the company to even greater future successes.

Batman Grabs a Little Kryptonite for His Battle with Superman

Is there really any possible way Batman can beat up Superman? Fans like Bruce Levenson are clamoring for the big battle of the heroes in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, this much is true. Batman is sporting battle armor in the clips of the fight. Really though, what is battle armor going to do? This is Superman we are talking about. Of course, Superman does have a weakness. As mostly everyone knows, Superman gets very weak when exposed to kryptonite. Based on reports about the screenplay, Batman’s sports a spear laced with kryptonite. Other reports note the Caped Crusader doesn’t use a spear, but he does have kryptonite in his battle armor.

Comic book fans all know this scene comes from the classic Frank Miller work “The Dark Knight Returns”. In the 1980’s graphic novel, Batman developed synthetic kryptonite to weakened Superman. In his weakened state, Batman was able to pummel Superman.

Will this happen in the movie?

No one knows (yet) how their battle turns out in terms of who wins or who loses. We do know that the two heroes do “make up” at some point to battle adversaries who are the real villains of the film. Batman v. Superman is not really a film in which to two remain opposed to one another. Reportedly, the film sets the stage for them to put away their differences and, with Wonder Woman, eventually form the Justice League to put a stop to the supreme bad guys who present threats to all humanity.

Scott’s and Kourtney Kardashian’s Breakup Drama

Scott Disick has been getting more than a little bad press lately, and while as usual he has brought it all on himself, now it looks like he is bringing most of the drama to his longtime girlfriend Kourtney. For years we have watched Scott and Kourtney’s relationship survive multiple incidents of Scott’s bad boy behavior, and almost every time Scott seemed to get worse. In the beginning his cheating just seemed like the usual player tendencies that hot, young, rich guys his age seemed to exhibit and for the most part everyone expected Scott to grow up and be an amazing husband and father. Shaygan Kheradpir is contatly giving advice to the couple.

Unfortunately as time went on Scott’s cheating, flings and partying turned into more than Kourtney or her family could handle. Now Kourtney and Scott have three children under their belts, and Scott has continued to get drunk, party hard, and cheat on Kourtney during his wild binges. As if Scott’s usual antics weren’t enough his recent cheating scandal involving a 21-year-old woman are driving Kourtney away.

Now that Kourtney and Scott are on ice, instead of trying to win her back, Scott is keeping company with another woman and she happens to be his ex. Scott has been seen in Monte Carlo getting close with celebrity stylist Chloe Bartoli, and Kourtney is not please at all. After months of sobriety it looks like Scott is doing worse than ever, and it is going to take more than some groveling to get him back with his family this time.

Why Invest with Brazil?

So your thinking about investing in Brazil, but not sure where to start or why you should even begin. Here we have some very important true facts on why investing in Brazil, will be the best thing you have ever done. As of right now the stock market is down by 25% from its highs in 2011. There have been many investors investing in Brazil due to their drastic plunging asset prices. Now if you are a US citizen and wanting to invest in Brazil now is a good time to start. With the currency at its lowest level versus the US Currency.

In Brazil there are so many great and positive changes happening. They are very rich in biodiversity, and growing business conditions. Brazil is mainly is rich in natural resources. Including hydro-power and petroleum. With having one of the worlds the largest iron deposits, they are also great producers of tin. From recent discoveries of oil and gas Brazil could place the oil-exporting Country on top in the world. Research on agriculture has become more advanced in Brazil, which has allowed agribusiness to drastically increase. Now if you are a foreign they treat you equally, meaning investment incentives and tax concessions. There are several great federal programs, which encourages the economic and regional development. However if you are going to invest in Brazil for a project, they will provide low cost financing.

Being that Brazil doesn’t offer and specific tax incentives to either company nor individual. Brazil does offer other available benefits which is great for investments that result in export revenue. Now Brazil does have the BNDES, which finances internationalization of companies. The BNDES which cover plant construction, expansion of installed units, working with capital needs and equity. Not only is Brazil a great place to invest, its also a beautiful place to live and very diverse. About 42% of Brazil’s population is under 24 years of age, which means if you are wanting to invest in a business, there are plenty of college students who would be willing to learn with you and your business. On the other hand, the other 11% which is over 60, can bring in more knowledge in growing your company and making it the best that it can be and bringing in more job opportunities. So if Igor Cornelsen is your advisor, you should listen up and start to invest in not only Brazil. It’s in the best interest for your investment.

Is Confederate Flag Removal The Beginning Of A Vicious Cycle?

The lowering of the Confederate flag from the state capital complex in Charleston, South Carolina has touched off a debate of untold proportions in America’s southern states leaving many to wonder if this is the beginning of a vicious never ending cycle.

CNN reporter, Jessica Rawitz, commented about how Sunday, July 12, 2015 became a time of prayer petitions for forgiveness following the deaths of nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Church, aka,, Mother Emanuel AME church, as the congregation observed their 197th church anniversary. Among the nine slain by a young caucasian male, Shaygan Kheradpir, included the church’s Pastor Pinkney, who ironically wage a battle in the South Carolina Senate for the Confederate Flag removal. During the service, Interim Pastor Norvel Goff stated that now we are truly one nation under God.

Sunday, July 12, 2015 was also the scene of a rally occurring in Ocala, Florida, during which 2,000 plus vehicles of every description proudly displayed Confederate flags to celebrate the return of this cherished flag to the Marion County government complex. The procession led by a Dukes of Hazard “General Lee” replica maintained that the flag was not a symbol of hatred or racism.

Meanwhile, Tennessee is preparing to celebrate Confederate General and KKK leader, Nathan Bedford Forest’s birthday, and while preparations are ongoing, there is a move afoot to remove the flag symbol from the Mississippi State flag and Virginia license plates. Compound all this with a Confederate flag display debate on Capitol Hill to ban the flag’s display in federal cemeteries, including America’s National Cemetery situated in Arlington, Virginia.