International Comic-Con 2015

The 2015 International Comic-Con will be an event for the ages, not only will you get to bask in the world that is comics, but you will also get the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the best producers and directors in Hollywood. Zach Snyder and cast will be attending Comic-Con and a special sneak from Warner Brothers is expected to be shown which should include a short of the much anticipated “Batman v Superman.” Some of the cast that you might run into while at the International Comic-Con include Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot. For those who like the comic book on screen adaptations, there are rumors that Warner Bros will also be showcasing scenes from Suicide Squad and Justice League Part One. Here is the official trailer for Batman v Superman Official Trailer

According to Christian Broda, marvel studios are not planning to attend the 2015 Comic-Con so this opens the door for other companies like Warner Bros and DC Comics. Warner Brothers have still yet to reveal the villain in the upcoming “Batman v Superman” and we could be in store for some other reveals regarding upcoming projects. Don’t forget Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016 and Suicide Squad is set for release on August 5, 2016.

Apple Guilty of e-Book Price Fixing

US federal appeals court said today that Apple orchestrated a conspiracy with five publishers to raise prices of electronic books.

By two votes to one, the Second Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a lower court (which reached the same conclusion in 2013) and found that the company violated federal antitrust law.

Judge Debra Ann Livingston said that “It was easy for Apple to open the iBookstore,” at the same time,  folks at Boraie Development say ensuring market prices increased to the level they wanted for them and publishers.

The decision also means that Apple will have to cough up $450 million as part of a 2014 agreement with 33 State Attorneys General and attorneys for a class action consumer.

The appeal came following the original decision in 2013 by Manhattan Judge Denise Cote, which found that Apple was essentially a “key player” in a conspiracy with publishers to wipe out any retail price competition for eBooks.

According to the Justice Department, the plot caused many e-book prices to quickly increase up to $ 14.99 versus 9.99 charged by Amazon.

The Department of Justice says some of the biggest publishing names conspired with Apple, like HarperCollins Publishers LLC, Penguin Group, and Simon & Schuster to name a few.

Letting the Disabled Make Life Choices

Those with disabilities know of the struggles that can be faced each day. Some aren’t able to walk without help while some can barely get out of bed. There are groups who fight for the rights of those who are disabled, and they don’t agree with doctor assisted suicide. While there are valid points to make about this kind of suicide being an easy way out of a life of pain, there is also a time when people need to step back and let others make their own decisions. If someone is that unhappy with life and is in so much pain that it takes over the daily activities and enjoyment that life could bring, then they should have the choice of doctor assisted suicide. If the family opposes it, then they could get guardianship over the person so that they make all of the decisions for them. As long as someone has a stable mind and can think clearly, then they need to make the decision on how to live or die stated Gazeta do Povo.

Bee Spill

A terrifying sight outside of Idaho, that would have anyone running for their life. A truck driver was carrying 20 million bees. He was transporting the 408 beehives off to their new location in North Dakota where they would be used to make honey.

It’s unclear why the driver swerved off the road, but it is clear that he had some quick thinking to do. As soon as the truck crashed – the flatbed trailer tipped and the millions of bees were released along the highway! The driver ran for his life, and understandably so. The outcome of getting caught among millions of bees would not have been good. He escaped uninjured however, and it doesn’t look like anyone else will be affected either. The bees will die without their colonies. A few that stayed along the highway were sprayed with foam to kill them. If they hadn’t been killed they would have posed risks for motorcyclists. Ricardo Tosto certainly wouldn’t want that if he was there.

Not only is it a tragic loss of bee life, it’s also tragic to the company they belonged too. According to Reddit News KatieBee Honey in Meridian was counting on those bees to create honey and churn a profit from. It’s a huge loss from them. The owner of the company said it’s a complete loss. But, it could have been a lot worse. The driver could have been severely injured.

Arnold Faces A Hater On Facebook

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the news again because he is in an upcoming movie called “Terminator Genisys.” The movie is set to be the fifth installment of the Terminator franchise, and it will be the fourth movie to have Arnold Schwarzenegger physically playing in it. Arnold Fights An Internet Troll. Although Arnold sorts was featured in the fourth installment of the franchise, his face was digitally put onto a Terminator’s body, but Arnold never actually performed in the movie. Arnold had sworn off acting in the Terminator movies, so that’s why many people are excited to see that he’ll be in the upcoming Terminator movie.

While Arnold is doing a lot of press to bring attention to the new movie, he’s also getting some hateful people as well. This past Friday, the Supreme Court decided to rule in favor of marriage equality, and now everyone can get married as they feel, whether they are gay or straight. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be the governor of California, which was his second biggest role, next to being the Terminator. When Arnold was on Facebook recently, a troll decided to go after Arnold.

Arnold was singing the praises of the Supreme Court for legalizing gay marriage, and someone commented that they were going to unlike him because of his beliefs. Arnold decided to quote his famous Terminator one liner and he said “Hasta la vista,” which basically means goodbye. Arnold has never been one to be bullied, and he’s not going to start now. A few at Qnet got quite a chuckle out of it.

‘Being Mortal,’ an Essential Book for Terminal Cancer Patients

Cancer is a devastating disease. As someone who has experienced watching a parent slowly dies of lung cancer, there is nothing discreet or fair about the end. It is, quite humbling. Like many terminal cancer patients, the decision according to Christian Broda, as to whether or not to continue to go through treatment is a seriously deep discussion. I wish I had known then about Dr. Atul Gawande’s book, ‘Being Mortal.’

Dr. Gawande examines and considers the disadvantages of nursing homes. While they are unfortunately quite necessary for those who do not have family in a position to provide around the clock care, or who cannot afford to pay for in-home healthcare, they do not provide the resident with a sense of home. Helplessness, loneliness and boredom all take away from their quality of life.

‘Being Mortal’ also focuses on the complications and difficult decisions that four terminal cancer patients faced, one being his own father. In three of these cases, the patients were given treatment option in the hopes of lengthening their lives. All of which carried either great risk or debilitating side effects. Each of the three never returned to a life with any type of enjoyment.

The closing story in ‘Being Mortal’ tells of a woman suffering from advanced ovarian cancer. Rather than talking only of treatments to combat the cancer, a discussion of her fears and goals led to a decision to undergo minimally risky surgery to alleviate the woman’s pain. Although she inevitably died, her remaining time was spent at home with a better quality of life.

The More You Know: Wikipedia


Most people have visited a Wikipedia page before. While there have you ever come across a typo or incorrect information? If you have you are probably wondering, “How can I fix that?” Editing a Wikipedia page is easier then you thought. and If you thought “How do I make a Wikipedia article“, this guide will also help.

In order to edit a page you are going to want to make sure that you have access to the internet, have knowledge on the topic, and practice. You will want to become a member. If you are not a member the site will record your IP address in the text. Once you have completed the first few steps you can click on the tab that says “edit page” Once you have clicked on the tab it will bring up a new page with editable text you can then begin typing. In this new page you will see an edit bar which can be used just like the editing bars in any word processing program. If you do not see the “edit page” tab then this means the article is locked and can not have changes made to it. If there is just a small section of the article that you would like to edit you can go to the right of the passage and click on [edit] this will allow you to only edit that small section of the article.

If you are wanting to add new information to the article be sure to get reliable information. Reliable information can be found from newspapers or books. If you can not provide reliable information it is likely that the information you provided will be deleted.

When you are done making your changes to the article you are going to want to go down to the bottom of the page and explain the changes that you have made in the edit summary section. When explaining the changes that you made be sure to keep it to 200 characters or less.

When everything is said and done you can review your work by clicking on the “show preview” button. If you are wanting to compare your work to the work that was there before yours click on “show changes” button. Once you have decided that everything looks good and you are ready to post your work click on the “save page” button. Once that is done you will be able to see your work that was done on the page right away.

What They’re Missing About the Confederate Flag


I watched intently as the governor of South Carolina described the Confederate flag as a symbol of culture and tradition, but for some it had become a symbol of hate.  Unlike many of the pundits who had expressed admiration for her supposed courage,  I do not share this view, because there is  no possibility of honoring this odious piece of cloth without recognizing is that it not only stands for white supremacy, but also for treason. After all, this is the rebel flag symbolizing secession from the Union. Federal law is abundantly clear. 18 US Code 2383 very clearly sets forth the penalties for insurrection. ( Any attempt to undermine and/or replace our Constitutional US government with ANOTHER Constitution and governmental structure is guilty of treason, seditious conspiracy and insurrection. Truly the Confederate flag was emblematic of this attempt to destroy our Union. We are not therefore, only referring to a historical artifact or cute little relic of history, we are identifying an active symbol of treason says Brian Torchin. Either you’re FOR America or AGAINST America. You cannot stand for our country, the USA, and its enemies simultaneously. Only the original Confederate flags should be preserved as historical artifacts-as vivid reminders of the shameful history associated with them, and there should be placards and signs to clearly indicate that they symbolize treason. All the rest of the symbols of the Confederacy should be carbonized. They should go up in flames! This is not cute, quaint, cultural or traditional. If you revere the Confederate flag-you’re a traitor, plain and simple.If that be the case, then you would have no problem believing that it’s acceptable for the head of state of a foreign country to, AT THE INVITATION OF CONGRESS, attempt to undermine and usurp the authority of our constitutionally elected President. Then you might also approve of 47 senators drafting a letter to the extreme faction of our enemies in order to undermine the constitutional authority of our President. I regret to inform you that this would classify you as a traitor. I can now see why so many people have waxed “nostalgic” about the Confederate flag. They pine for the good old days of lynchings, white supremacy, class supremacy, labor exploitation and misogyny. In reality though, the only truly acceptable Confederate flag is the white flag!

EL James Fans Disappointed in New Book

I should preface this by saying that I have never read any of EL James’s work. Nor do I intend to. Not because of the subject matter, but because of her atrocious writing skills and lackluster story telling. I have no interest in reading a housewife’s borderline vanilla fantasies. But that’s besides the point. Apparently James has released a new book and the reception was less than congratulatory for her.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the new book, entitled “Grey” was released at midnight today. Fans are saying that “Grey” is nothing but lazy writing on James’s part. According to recent youtube videos, her latest book is a companion piece to her huge hit series “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Her “Fifty Shades” series were told from the perspective of the innocent Anastasia Steele. “Grey” tells the same exact story, except from her billionaire lover Christian Grey’s perspective. Christian reveals how he felt about Anastasia and being the one to awaken Anastasia’s erotic side. Yawn.

It is reported that James has made of $100 million off of the “Fifty Shades” franchise. With her latest installment, “Grey”, it seems as though she is just trying to milk that cash cow for every penny that she can get away with.

Stanley Cup Travels

The Chicago Blackhawks have won their third Stanley Cup in the last six years by beating the Tampa bay lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals. It is the first time since 1938 that the Hawks actually won the cup on their home ice. That allowed for the players to take the Cup out ion the town with them in Chicago.

The Stanley Cup is unique in the fact that it actually travels with players and does things that no other trophy has states Kevin Seawright. Over the years the Cup has gone swimming, been to restaurants, racetracks, and even bars. Each player will get the Cup for a week to do whatever they want with it. Players will take it around to show it off at all different kinds of places. One time the Cup was left on the side of the road after car troubles forced a team to pull over. Chicago Blackhawks fans have made tracking the Cup a social event through Twitter and Facebook. It was reported that Rocky Wirtz took the Cup to 437 Rush for lunch. Witz stated that he didn’t make it to the nightclub but wasn’t surprised that the Cup did. The Cup also made it to famed Wrigley Field for a Chicago Cubs game Tuesday night. There will be many more interesting places that the Cup will travel to, but it’s next stop will be at the Parade for the team and fans on Thursday.