Media Day


With the media circus that has absolutely taken over the National Football League this week due to the deflate gate scandal involving the New England Patriots deflating balls in the AFC championship game last Sunday, there has been hardly any talk about the actual Super Bowl that is less than a week away. Thankfully it is finally time for media day and it is going to probably be the most interesting media day in the history of the NFL.  Slow Ventures always notices that Media day is always wild as it is, with questions coming from every single angle imaginable, but this one is going to be crazy. There is sure to be big time questions coming at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in regards to the scandal, which will probably be the bulk of the interest during media day. There is also the trash talk that Richard Sherman is without a doubt going to come with. He always makes it interesting with the choice words that he picks when he calls opposing players out and he has already started the trash talk against Tom Brady and the entire organization over the weekend. Perhaps the most interesting thing of media day and what a lot of people are looking forward to the most is how Marshawn Lynch is going to act during the interviews. He has been called comical by a lot of people and childish by others, but it is definitely entertaining seeing him get creative with the interviews.

Tech Nerds Are Turning To FreedomPop for Service

Are you tired of paying high prices for data usage on your mobile phone service? If so, you are not alone. Tens of millions of smart phone and tablet users struggle with the growing process of data consumption. As more and more applications require a data connection to function, smart phones use more data than ever before. Plus, with many current data plans, if you watch a single movie over your phone, the entire allotment of data for your month is completely wiped out, which in turn is going to bring out high data rates charged throughout the rest of the month. With FreedomPop though, you have the ability to only spend $5 a month and have access to tens of millions of hotspots throughout the country. This way, there is a great chance you may never need to use data again. In fact, you may actually be able to shut down a large portion of your mobile bill all together. 

FreedomPop is based out of Los Angeles. The company, which started in 2013, has signed agreements with major chains throughout the country, such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King and others. All of these different major chains allow individuals to access their wireless Internet service by simply opening up the FreedomPop application on the mobile phone or tablet. The device then automatically connects to the Internet connection and the phone is able to work there. With almost every city having dozens of these different locations, it is possible to have a strong connection just about anywhere. 

Of course, only paying $5 a month is also a good way to save on mobile phone payments as well. FreedomPop allows users to talk over Wi-Fi signals. This way, phone calls can be made using this feature, which cuts down on the number of minutes a person uses. This way, instead of being forced to overpay for an unlimited play through a traditional mobile phone service provider, you can instead opt into a plan that only has a very small amount of minutes and almost no data. With the FreedomPop feature, you can make phone calls over the Internet and never have any of the minutes count towards your allowed amount. This way, you are actually saving a considerable amount of money and you do not need to actually increase your data requirements. In fact, you may be able to cancel your service all together. You can find the FreedomPop Photon mobile hot spot on Amazon or download their app for your tablet or phone on the iTunes store or GooglePlay.

Mark Ahn’s Take On Leadership in 2015

Mark Ahn is an experienced leader in the fields of military, academia and business. He has profiled the following top trends in regards to leadership skills in 2015. Taking a good look at these observed trends can fine tune the leadership skills of one during this coming year.

Learn From Those Who Came Before You

One should understand that good leadership is timeless and not get distracted by some of the latest fads that seem fashionable at the time. Some of the best leadership lessons and principles can be gleaned from old sources because of the fact that leadership ideas that work have been very stable over the years.

Lead With Integrity

Integrity is definitely one of the most valued leadership skills that works across any business sector. Employees and others that are being led will respect someone who they know can be trusted to act with integrity and in a reliable fashion.

Exercise Good Judgment

Good judgment will almost always increase the productivity of a business and keep things stable within the workplace. The key is that this must be balanced with courage and character while maintaining flexibility.

Lead By Example

This basically is the old principle of not asking someone to do a task that you are not willing to do yourself. You should show and not just tell someone things.

Remain Humble

Humility is a key trait of any leader. Do not be arrogant and avoid tips and knowledge that the employees you are leading may be uniquely positioned to provide you with. It is best to take everything into consideration and then make a careful decision with all of the facts known. Even the best leaders will make mistakes and it is how one responds in those situations which determines the true character of a leader.

A Look into the Life of Vijay Eswaran

It takes an impressive amount of courage and perseverance to make it big in America. The corporate landscape can be anything but forgiving. As difficult as it can be to make it there, it can be even harder to leave it all behind. But that’s what Vijay Eswaran decided to do.

After finding success in the United States, he returned back to his native Malaysia. He came with the best intentions. To use his new resources to do it all over again. Except this time, he wanted to raise up the local economy while doing so. The intent wasn’t just to make money or do well within the financial sector. Instead, he wanted to really make a positive influence on his homeland. To go back with both the resources and education he’d received, and pass that on to others.

It’s an amazing dream, and one that most people would have left as such. However, he was determined to make it into a reality. And, against all odds, he has. He’s become so synonymous with his efforts to improve people’s lives that he was ranked as one of the 48 ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’ by Forbes Asia in 2011.

One of the tools which he’s used to further his philanthropic goals is his company, the QI Group. The multilevel marketing company has fingers in almost any imaginable activity. However, first and foremost he’s tried to stress the idea of personal responsibility. It’s not enough simply to exist, he wants the company to excel in every possible respect. And unlike with many companies, he insists that this excellence include a dedication to ethical behavior. As such, he established the RYTHM Foundation. This is the corporate social responsibility arm of the QI Group.

The RYTHM Foundation ensures that the company itself operates in a just way. But it also ensures that the company relates to the underlying community around it in a positive way. In particular, it’s received public accolade for various mentorship programs. Given the life of Vijay Eswaran, mentorship by the foundation is usually considered to be a high honor.

What’s next for Vijay Eswaran? The public will have to wait to know for sure. However, what’s certain is that whatever he plans for the future should be amazing. When one considers his past philanthropic work, it’s clear that he’ll continue to be a great asset. Someone who will benefit both Malaysia and the world at large.

Browns name DeFilippo as the new OC


After three seasons, as the Oakland Raiders quarterbacks coach, John DeFilippo has accepted his next coaching position with the Cleveland Browns as their Offensive Coordinator. The 36 year old coach has worked with Browns Head Coach Pettine previously with the NY Jets and believes he will give the team the offensive kick needed to make their progression into a winning franchise. However, even though most Cleveland fans are used to failing teams and losing seasons they were probably looking for someone with actual coordinator experience, maybe even a previous head coach. There were plenty to choose from when the search started earlier this month and it may be an indicator that no one was willing to take on Johnny Football and stake their career on his success.

With this in mind, It would seem that many teams that failed to produce winning seasons last year are willing to endure more growing and experimenting. Especially, when it comes to the team’s hiring of an unproven offensive coordinator or drafting and starting an unproven quarterback. Both the Browns and Buccaneers have plans on doing these things and only time will tell whether they were genius moves or enormous blunders. Although he was just hired, he has some vague familiarity with Johnny Manziell from before his draft last year. According to, he has not broken down the films of his rookie season but he’s hopeful that the two of them will work well together and produce a winning team for the Cleveland fans like Zeca Oliveira and myself.

Igor Cornelsen: Genius Investors Shares Ideas With The Public

There are not too many people with the investing track record that Igor Cornelsen has to rely on. There are plenty of people who would like to tap into the mind of Igor Cornelsen. Now, he is offering that to the public.

First of all, Cornelsen would like people to know that investing in the stock market is not like playing the lottery. He believes that too many people have the impression that investing in stocks is sort of like gambling. He would like to dispel that notion by pointing out that those who are diligent in their investing can actually produce solid returns time and time again. It first takes a commitment to study the market and put in the legwork to get the job done.

Igor Cornelsen says that investors should take little nibbles in the market to begin. He does not believe in the idea of a perfect stock. Too many novices put too much of their investment funds into one particular stock. When they do this, they are prone to have a much bigger emotional impact on themselves based on the ups and downs that naturally come with the market. He does not want investors to put themselves in this position and recommends instead that they try to put their money into a variety of investments that have a chance to pan out well.

He wants investors to constantly remind themselves that the stock market is not a get rich quick scheme. Investors need to put their money into the market with the idea that they are going to hold their investments for a very long time to come. This is the way to see real returns. Investors who put their money into the market under the impression that they are going to make a quick hit and run investment are setting themselves up for failure. Even when they may get lucky and pick a winner, they are still going to see their investment gains eaten up by commissions.

What Cornelsen has done to be so successful is simply to play the long game in investing, spend a lot of time studying the markets, and try to be just the right amount of risk averse. If people can manage to do all of these things, then they will in fact be successful in the markets. Igor Cornelsen hopes that these simple bits of advice will help produce better investors.

Gronk Takes High Road


Rob Gronkowski may attract a lot of media attention to himself due to his antics on and off the field, but he has taken the high road in regards to statements made by Jeremy Lane of the Seattle Seahawks. Lane stated to the media that Rob Gronkowski is just not that good of a player and that he clearly doesn’t like it when people put their hands on him. He followed it up by stating that Rob probably won’t be able to catch very many balls if they get to him and rough him up a bit. Seattle has proven to be one of the biggest trash talking teams in all of football, but it is generally spearheaded by Richard Sherman, who is widely regarded by many, including myself and Haidar Barbouti, as the best corner in the league. However, it is Jeremy Lane that is getting all the attention today according to Gronk has responded and stated that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It looks like the Seahawks were trying to stir up some controversy as they like to do before a big game, but Rob clearly did not take the bait on this one. He is going to let his play do the talking. Rob Gronkowski wants this Super Bowl win badly, as it would be his first since coming into the National Football League after being drafted by the New England Patriots in 2010.

Beneful Continues To Take Off

Beneful brand dog food is a product from Purina. This line of dog food was first introduced to the store shelves in 2001. It is available in wet and dry form. Over the years Beneful has expanded their line of dog food to specialize in your dogs health. For instance, Beneful now has formulated food for puppies, for dogs with a sensitive stomach, for dogs that are overweight, and for dogs that prefer a certain flavor. The ingredients used are premium, all natural.

In 2013 Beneful donated a portion of their profits to help restore dog parks throughout the country. This company cares more about your dog than just their diet. Though out the year, Beneful has held adoption days for dogs and cats in need of a loving home.

Beneful is available to the general public through the internet, at the retail stores like Wal-Mart, pet stores, and your veterinarian’s office. If you purchase the dog food through the internet, there you will receive a better price for buying in bulk. You can also print off coupons online to take to your local merchant. Various times of the year, you will find discounts on the food at your retail store or pet store.

Beneful knows your dog is more than just another dog, they are your child. Your dog loves you unconditionally, gives you a smile when you need it, will stand by your side though the good times and bad, and will defend you and your family against any harm. The next time you buy your dog’s food, take a minute to think about their dietary needs. Is your dog having a hard time digesting? Is your dog a young pup or an older fellow? Take a look at Beneful brand dog food, we have specialized formulated food to help your dog live a longer, healthier, happier life.

Skout: The New Social Network Giant?

A new location-based social networking and dating app has emerged and is commanding a strong presence in the app world. Although Skout was launched in 2013, its status is climbing the charts quickly a year later. Touting an interface similar to Facebook with a revolutionary “Shake to Chat” feature, could this be the future of social networking and dating apps?

Currently, Skout is reporting over 100 million downloads with a thriving social network of friends and flings. Its growing network is what’s allowing it to remain one of the most active networks on the market. With a strong community, users are able to sign in at any time of the day and find new buddies to chat with and more. In addition, its location-based technology allows users to meet each other (with permission). There have been (and still are) many apps with location-based technology built into the system, however, with a healthy community like Skout’s, it’s no wonder why its popularity has skyrocketed. However, its dynamic community isn’t the only thing boosting its demand.

One of the coolest and most unique things about Skout is its “Shake to Chat” feature. Just by shaking your device, you’re able to form a random encounter with another community member around the globe. At which point, you’re able to view their profile, chat, flirt, share pictures, and utilize its location technology if you choose. This feature is engaging and very cleverly designed to have users interact physically with the app for a totally new experience. Shaking the app easily becomes addictive after a few tries (Especially after meeting an interesting user).

Moreover, the app constantly inspires interaction. As you interact with the app and the community, you find that you’re able to like, comment, send gifts, send photos, and much more (quite similar to Facebook). With all of these options available, it’s a little tough not to talk to a stranger and explore the idea of meeting new people through the app. Furthermore, many activities Skout provides require points. This currency drives constant interaction with the application, so it’s tough to ever put it down. These points can be spent on various items such as finding out who has viewed your profile, sending winks, or viewing private backstage photos.

The best way to describe Skout is: Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder combined. The best part is it is free on iTunes to download. It contains all of the best parts of every layout and feature. Skout’s user interface is very clean and simple to use. Right after downloading it, you’re able to log in with your Facebook credentials for quick access. Afterwards, it automatically syncs with your Facebook friends so you know who else uses Skout. You’re also given the option of using your phone contacts to add to your connections. Almost immediately you’re able to find new people to talk to because it’s too easy.

Skout gets 5 stars in my book because it’s easy and fun to use, has a growing community, and is addictive to use.

Christopher Cowdray: Visionary, Highly-Skilled, Experienced, Successful Hotel CEO

Christopher Cowdray is a man with vision. Born in Zimbabwe and educated there and at Columbia University, Cowdray is CEO of The Dorchester Collection, a group of luxury hotels in some of the world’s most exotic cities including London, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. Christopher Cowdray is no overnight success. After earning a degree in hotel management in Zimbabwe and completing the Executive Program at Columbia Business School, he spent over 30 years managing hotels all over the world.

Cowdray showed incredible vision and skill managing hotels in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Those hotels included London’s Claridge’s and The Dorchester Hotel. The Dorchester Group Ltd., which owned the then 10 hotels that made up The Dorchester Collection, was so impressed with Christopher Cowdray’s work, they offered him the position as The Dorchester Collection’s chief executive officer in 2007.

Cowdray hit the ground running. The next year he added New York’s Palace Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air to the Dorchester Collection’s roster. Cowdray later oversaw the sale of the New York Palace Hotel and the acquisition of England’s 45 Park Lane and Coworth Park, Rome’s Hotel Eden and Geneva’s Le Richmond. Cowdray’s work as CEO of The Dorchester Collection has been nothing short of spectacular. So good that at the European Hospitality Awards in 2013 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for the work he has done with The Dorchester Collection in just over 5 years.

For Christopher Cowdray the journey has only just begun. He loves working with some of the most famous hotels in the world and helping to make them even more luxurious and profitable. He said having a clear vision, an outstanding leadership team, and iconic hotels with a reputation for superior service have made his job a joy. He added that the reputation and infrastructure of The Dorchester Collection makes it easy to grow the brand into gateway cities with the acquisition of key hotels worldwide. Hotels that please their clientele and complement their current portfolio.

Cowdray shared his vision for a successful hotel. He said the combination of inspiring leaders, consistently good service training, and recruiting the right people committed to providing personalized, efficient service that improves the overall guest experience. Plus recognizing the needs and desires of the guests and creating an environment where everything is brought together and the vision clearly articulated through the hotels.