President Obama Gets His Own Twitter Account

POTUS is the new Twitter handle for the President of the United States barack Obama. After six years in office some may wonder why the President is just now getting a Twitter account. Previous accounts that had been established in the President’s name were actually monitored and manned by volunteers for the President’s non profit which he started during his first run for Office. The new Twitter account will actually be President Obama to operate. The President has been known for his personal touch and has not been afraid to jump into mainstream social media. He has even pushed the boundaries of Presidential access by appearing on a number of popular talk shows.


The President’s communications will still be monitored by the United States Secret Service. Many believe that the delay in the President opening his Twitter account may be due to the fact that the Secret Service needed time to set up security measures to monitor incoming Twitter traffic. Twitter has been used for abuse and just like a telephone call, any threatening Twitter messages would need to be addressed by the U.S. Secret Service. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thinks that is pretty extreme, but needed. Many consider President Obama as truly the first modern President for the way he has embraced current trends in the country and the world to communicate with people. Many may not agree with his policy but they are at least receiving his message for his vision of which direction the country should grow into. President Gets His Own Twitter Account

Saudi Arabia Sees Naive U.S. In Iran Affair

The United States largest ally in the gulf region, Saudi Arabia is very concerned that the United States is under estimating the ambitions of its rival Iran. Saudi Arabia has not had to be concerned about Iran in recent decades because Iraq was the counter balance power which kept Shiite populate country in check. In addition to sanctions imposed by the United Nations, Iran has not had the access to the capital markets to expand its political and military influence in a major way. However, if the nuclear accord is ratified with Iran and the United States, Iran will be able to produce and sell its oil into the global market. While prices will certainly be depressed as a result of the global influx of new oil, Iran will still benefit from access to liquidity it did not have prior access to before. Saudi Arabia is convinced that Iran’s goal is nothing short of reestablishing the Persian Empire in the region and including areas in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.


The question is whether the White House is really this unassuming regarding the interests and ambition of Iran or whether this is simply part of a broader strategy. Ivan Ong isn’t sure what will happen. During a recent summit with Arab leaders, President Obama gave an awkward press conference regarding the results of the conference without any of the member Arab countries being at the podium in support of the President. Saudi Arabia Doubts U.S.Iran Policy

Woman Fired After Deleting Tracking App

With access to new technology and ways to contact people grows easier and faster, one must wonder, how much access is too much?

Myrna Arias has something to say about that. In a lawsuit against her former employer Intermex, Arias states that she was required to keep the tracking app Xora installed in her phone and active at all times by her employer.

She is now suing for wrongful termination, as she was let go from the company shortly after she removed the app from her phone according to my friends at STX Entertainment. Intermex alledges that Arias was let go after her employer discovered that she was working for another company at the same time as she was working for Intermex, but Arias paints another story.

Not only was she required to keep the app on her phone, but she was constantly encouraged to keep her phone charged and accessible at all times, even when she was off-duty.

She also states that John Stubits, Intermex’s regional vice president of sales bragged about being able to monitor employees during their off time, down to how fast they were driving.

Intermex, of course, has made no public statement, but this case brings up serious questions about how much time we give our employers and where we draw the line between work life and private life. Read the whole article here.

Seattle Teens Build Tiny Homes

A group of Seattle teenagers are taking the time to build tiny houses for the homeless or nomadic. According to an article found on reddit and written by Web Urbanist, the houses are a part of a project with a moving town called “Nicklesville” where people stay for a short time and move on. Even though they are small homes, they have everything someone might need to stay warm and dry for an evening commented nearby Amen Clinic. In addition to that, there have been plans to make a community cooking areas and a solar charging station for people to naturally use the sun for electricity.

This is a very good idea to help the homeless this way, but it would seem that it might be hard to only build one or two because it would cause a lot of fights and turmoil over who would get to stay there. I think that if I were homeless I would be afraid to stay in one of these mobile homes for fear that someone would attack me over night in it. However, it is a really nice concept and the teens should be awarded for their efforts as I am sure that some of the homeless people in the Seattle area will likely get to use it. Especially in a town that has so much rain, a little shelter would be a great thing to find or come across.

History is Forever

There is no question that the Native Americans, who first thrived in this country, have a rich heritage that should be protected. When English settlers first set foot on Native American soil, their entire way of life was threatened. The Native Americans were forced to move west into lands that they did not know. With what they had, and the faith that they stood on, they made it work. There are numerous Native American tribes still thriving today on protected reservations and towns. Even though Americans no longer threaten their lives, their way of life is still under attack. The governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, just signed two bills into law that would shelter the dying languages of 13 Native American tribes. After the 19th century, these languages were endanger of never being spoken again. There was stern American support and legislative backing to force Native American children to learn English. Bullock has decided to make it known how important it is for these languages to been sustained. The Native American culture is not just a culture in its own right, it is a broad part of the culture of this country. If the Native American languages of these great tribes die out, we all lose a piece of our history that can never be reborn. The native speakers of this language are dying out fast. Data projects that if the people who speak these languages keep dying, the language will die out in as little as 15 years. Bullock is doing everything in his power to keep that from happening.

Thanks Bruce Levenson for showing me this exciting news!

Mark Sparks Inc: The New Frontier in Advertising

It was announced only recently that MARC USA is expanding their advertising. Apparently, Marketing Sparks is launching a brand new program. This new program should be of interest to a lot of people, especially those who are entrepreneurs.

What is the program? What is the goal? Why should people spend money for this sort of thing? This is a very intensive program which is divided up into sessions. The goal is for people to have a better understanding of how to market themselves and their brand.

There are tons of people who wish to market their brand. The only problem is that many don’t know how. They keep on making the same mistakes over and over, hoping for different results. This is insanity.

This is why Marc is hoping his program will help out. His program teaches the essential tools needed to bring your band to light. His training also teaches how to stay out there, even after you have become a success.

This is another big problem many entrepreneurs encounter. Some get a small taste of success, but then they don’t know where to go from there. The Sparks program not only includes tools and digital information, it also includes contacts.

When it comes to business, you need to have contacts. Contacts and other resources related to it are the things that keep a business afloat. Once you have exhausted all your contacts, your business has reached a dead end. It’s during this time that many decide to throw in the towel. Some people don’t know how to continue. They don’t know where to go. Mark’s program teaches you how to carry on.

There has been a lot of support for the program so far. Many business owners and startups are taking advantage of this knowledge. Mark learned all this information through trial and error, not to mention experience. He figures it’s his duty and job to share this information with others whom are just like him.

There are so many business owners who want to get their name out there. They have products which so many need. This is especially try in the Pittsburgh area. Boston has already seen tremendous success and growth from these workshops. Pittsburgh has so much potential. The opportunity is there, people just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Would you like more information on Mark and his program? Visit him online. Follow him on twitter.

Russian Rocket Our of Control

A remote-controlled Russian cargo rocket is spinning out of control and heading towards Earth. It was supposed to be going to the International Space Station (ISS) with food and fuel.  NASA says that the flight controllers lost control of it after it had passed over the ground station. Alexei Beltyukov is concerned but relieved that this is an unmanned mission.

This rocket ship blasted into space on April 28th from Kazakhstan, containing about 6, 000 pounds of fuel, food and supplies for the crew of six on the ISS. The supplies included crew clothing, spare parts for the ISS’s life support and environmental control and back-up hardware for when they do spacewalks.

These supplies are not vital to America’s part of ISS.  On April 29th, this spacecraft’s location was over Southern England and London. It is going through space at about 17,000 per hour.  So far, the Russian flight controllers have been unsuccessful in regaining control of this rocket ship. ‘

Michelle Keegan is the Sexiest Woman Alive

FHM recently released the list of the sexiest 100 women of the year. Shockingly, Kim Kardashian did not make the top 10 list. However, her younger sister Kendall Jenner did come in second place. I’m wondering if the recent list has angered Kim and Kanye West. Nonetheless, Kendall Jenner was in second place, and Jennifer Lawrence came in third.

A representative from FHM, Susan McGalla, confirmed they voted Michelle Keegan as the sexiest woman alive. Sadly, some people do not even know who she is, but I guarantee they will after this report. Michelle Keegan is an English actress from Manchester. She has starred in several television shows, but her most successful show to date has been “Ordinary Lies.”

Michelle Keegan’s popularity will undoubtedly skyrocket after they see the hot and steamy pics that were featured in the FHM list. However, many Americans are angry that Kendall Jenner did not win the sexiest woman alive award. Also, I can just imagine Kanye West pulling his hair out in utter shock that his wife did not even make the top 10 list. I’m sure that Kanye West would’ve liked to run up on a stage and pull the award from Michelle Keegan, but thankfully he can’t. Michelle Keegan is the sexiest woman alive, and there is no debating that. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Kylie Jenner Following In Kim’s Footsteps

The Kardashian girls are some of the most exploited females in the history of Hollywood. However, it seems that the girls enjoy the attention, and it also appears that the Jenner step sisters did not fall too far from the tree. Kylie and Kendall Jenner have already appeared topless on magazine covers. People should also remember that Kylie and Kendall are not even 20 years old yet.

Kylie Jenner is doing worse than Kendall though, at least in the eyes of Kevin Seawright. Kylie is only 17 years old, and she has been posting scandalous pictures of herself on Instagram and even LinkedIn. Kylie is also dating a 25-year old rapper named “Tyga.” The behavior of the girls is what must have drove Bruce Jenner to get a sex change.

Bruce probably went insane from seeing his young girls live such a strange lifestyle. Kylie and Kendall are Bruce Jenner’s children, but the rest of the Kardashian girls are not. Hopefully, Bruce Jenner does not have Instagram, because if he did, he would see Kylie’s outrageous uploads. Kylie Jenner recently uploaded pictures of herself in underwear with pink hair.

Fans of the Kardashians are beginning to wonder if fame is the reason for Kylie’s downfall. However, there are still celebrities that remain classy, even with fame and fortune. To see pictures of Kylie Jenner’s latest Instagram uploads, visit Yahoo!

FBI Admits to Skewing Forensic Evidence

After a recent investigation by the Inspector General, the FBI has come under fire for skewing forensic evidence in cases spanning the last two decades. The report details 60 capital punishment cases in which flawed forensic evidence was used. This report also points out that nearly every member of one of the FBI’s top forensic task forces gave skewed testimony.

According to the Washington Post, 26 of 28 forensic investigators overstated pieces of evidence in favor of the prosecution in nearly 95% of trials reviewed to this point. 32 defendants in these cases were sentenced to death as a result of the overstatement. The Post was quick to point out that these FBI errors do not mean there was not other evidence to convict the defendants thus these people may still be guilty. That’s something Ricardo Tosto has noticed. Defendants and prosecutors in 46 of the 50 states have been notified and cases where appeals are viable are expected to begin soon. The article also points out the 4 defendants in the cases reviewed had already been exonerated.