Joseph Bismark – A Man Of Many Faces

An article that was released through Business Wire highlights Joseph Bismark, a man who has actively pursued an innate thirst for knowledge. He lives by the adage “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” Bismark is the founding director of the QI Group, a subsidiary of QNet, taking the role of Group Managing Director in December 2008. QI is a diversified multinational group available to businesses that include education, direct selling, and financial and retail services, with regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia. QI enables people to attain their goal of entrepreneurship and enpowers them with available advice and assistance if so needed. He believes that the power to succeed and excel lies in the hands of everyone and that all they need is a helping hand and someone who believes in them.

Joseph Bismark left home at the age of nine for the life of a monk in an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. When he was seventeen, he left and brought his teachings to the corporate world. He carved a unique position for himself in this cutthroat world. He has shown that success does not depend on material achievements but by inner peace and selfless service. His qualities have made him a valuable asset to QNet

Bismark is a talented and dynamic leader. A staunch advocate of healthy living, he is a man who practices what he preaches. His management style is derived from his early upbringing and his health regime is responsible for the Group’s venture into wellness and wholesome organic foods. Bismark is the yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. He is a great believer in yoga. His other interests include vedic philosopher, bonsai master, and martial arts. He has also founded SoundCloud which can be uploaded to share his mantras and bhanjans chants (Hindu songs). Bismark is also a great believer in the web site Luminosity which exercises the brain, and uses it at least 15 minutes every day. Cycling and swimming are also part of his daily routine.

Currently based in Singapore, he is managing the Group’s business dealings.

Star Powered Shaq Teams Up With Local Developer Boraie

An article recently published on announced the legendary basketball player Shaq, to return to his native city of Newark for August 22 of this year. Retired in 2001, after a 19 year career, he was set to co-host a tournament, set in front of city hall. The preliminary games were set to be held locally at the JFK recreational center. Though he left Newark after highschool to play basketball in Texas, Shaq has managed to keep a steady presence, in the city, throut his career. The event held separate tournaments for both boys and girls teams. In 2012, Shaq also helped to open the then new Cityplex Theater, which was an estimated seven million dollar project. A partnership with New Brunswick-based Boraie Development.

Boraie Development LLC is a company whom deals in real estate development, property management, and sales and marketing. For three decades they have tirelessly helped enhance urban communities. Prominent in regentifying New Brunswick, most of their growth and developments have been made possible from Shaqs partnering. O’Neal receives an equity stake in the company from being a co-developer in many projects. All though he helps develop projects, he leaves most of the details to Boraies to see through completion. Through the yeas, Shaq and Boraies, teamed together, have commuted and completed many projects in both Newark and New Jersey in order to bring housing and commercial development to distressed areas of the state. With O’Neals star power, and money to lend to the local developer, this partnership has not only done a grew deal of good in the area, but also has began to draw quite a bit of attention from state and political parties. Their latest venture is a sixth million dollar rental completed in downtown Newark, which has already broken ground. This complex is the first housing tower, in the area, in over fifty years. With so many completed projects, and many more to come, this partnership between Shaq and Boraie Development, will help mold and build a promising future, and growing new face to the city of Newark as well as New Jersey.

Eric Pulier’s Notable Accomplishments

Eric Pulier is a well respected American businessman in addition to a well respected entrepreneur. Eric Pulier, since an early age, has made a living by helping others through the use of his passion, technology. Technology, as believed by Eric Pulier is the basis for helping all impoverished people and nations have a better living. Technology is key to educate others who do not have access to free or programmed education.

Eric Pulier started fiddling with computers in the fourth grade. In the fourth grade, Mr. Pulier had already programmed his first computer. By high school his interest in technology grew so much that he even started his own business. Mr. Pulier’s first startup in the business involved creating data platforms for a client.

Mr. Pulier, since an early age has formed multiple startup companies that include Desktone, Media Platform, and many others. In addition to this, Mr. Pulier has made many successful investments that pertain to funding companies that are geared towards helping others.

One of Mr. Pulier’s many philanthropy projects include Starbright World. Starbright World is a social media network that is geared towards helping chronically ill children keep in contact with the external world. This program was developed and connected to more than 70 different hospitals. Thanks to Mr. Pulier, children with a chronically ill disease can chat online, blog about their experience, and most importantly make new friends with others who are going through the same thing.

Mr. Pulier’s many business venture are what got him appointed to the position of created an important project that would be called the “Bridge to the 21st Century”. This project would be executed and thought of by Mr. Pulier. What this project did was present the United States’ plan for the future in regards to technology.

During this exhibition, thousands of visitors saw what was planned for the future. In addition to locals and tourists, many members of Congress, Senate, and other political positions attended the exhibition. President Clinton and Vice President, Al Gore even formally recognized and thanked him for his hard work on the exhibition.

Following the exhibition, Mr. Pulier even was requested to stay in D.C. to be an adviser to Vice President, Al Gore. As one of his advisers, his job was to find a way to use technology to solve some of the United States’ most pressing issues such as health care. Eric Pulier was brought up in Teaneck in New Jersey.

Eric Pulier is a well respected philanthropist and businessman that has contributed many resources and information for the greater good. His most important goal is to help others. One involvement that he is particularly proud of is being on the board of the Painted Turtle organization. This organization is geared towards chronically ill children and helping them go to summer camp. Eric Pulier a well known CEO, formerly of ServiceMesh.

Biography of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known entrepreneur and is most notable for co-founding the QI Group in 1988. The company is e-commerce combined with diverse types of businesses. By founding this type of business, Eswaran envisioned that he would ultimately be able to create a new kind of company.

Dr. Eswaran went to college at top universities in the United Kingdom and the USA. With his education, he was able to achieve an impressive track record working for top name companies. After working for top name companies in the USA, Europe, Australia and Canada, Dr. Eswaran eventually returned to Asia in the 90s where he ultimately became an entrepreneur.

One of Dr. Eswaran’s top achievements is that he led a team of individuals to found a training and direct selling company that has grown into a large business today, the QI Group. The QI Group was founded 13 years ago and has offices in a variety of locations including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

One quality that sets Dr. Eswaran apart from other individuals is his skill of speaking. He is a motivational speaker and he gives lectures in various parts of the world on subjects such as spirituality and business.

Aside from being an exceptional public speaker, Dr. Eswaran is also a philanthropist. The RHYTHM foundation was founded by Eswaran. This foundation plays a part in the QI Group and has involvement in philanthropic activities across the world. The foundations Eswaran works with ultimately contribute to charitable organizations. These organizations focus on various projects ranging from child mentoring to women empowerment.

Dr. Eswaran has received a long list of awards for his achievements. In 2011, he was listed in Forbe’s Magazine as one of Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy. He also recently received an award in Regional Philanthropy by Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia.

Aside from being an exceptional public speaker and philanthropist, Dr. Eswaran is also a best-selling author. “Sphere of Silence” is a book that has landed Eswaran a lot of success in his writing career. This book focuses on life management. It became such as success that it is available in a variety of countries in multiple languages. Other books that Eswaran wrote include “On The Wings of Thought”, 18 Stepping Stones”, and “In The Thinking Zone”. He continues his writing career today by making a contribution to newspaper columns. Check out this article by on Vijay Eswaran.

Info About Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services are useful, and there are a number of reasons why consumers should use them. This article will discuss what some of those reasons are, as well as provide other useful information.

What Are Home Cleaning Services
Home cleaning services are services that are offered by a company. As consumers can guess, cleaning services companies provide customers with cleaning services for their home. The types of services will be discussed in the next section.

Types Of Cleaning Services Available
The types of home cleaning services that a company offers depends on a few factors, with the main one being the actual company that provides the services. Generally speaking, some of the services may include just the bedroom being clean or another room of the home. Some services are known as full-services, which means the entire home will be cleaned, and this includes all the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living room, spare rooms and so forth.

What Happens During The Cleaning Process
If a person chooses to have a room clean or their entire home clean, then dust will be removed, surfaces will be dusted and cleaned, appliances will be wiped down and everything will thoroughly be cleaned. Many consumers are impressed with what they receive when they hire a professional cleaning company.

What Companies Offer Such Services
There are many companies out there, and some operate only in a small area, while others operate on a regional level and some operate on a national or even international level. As for what the best company is, there are many great companies out there, but Handy is one of the best.

Who Are Handy
Handy is a company and it is similar to Uber. Handy is a marketplace and it allows consumers to use their iPhone and get home maintenance services. This includes home cleaning, assembling Ikea furniture, painting, help with moving, plumbing services, electrical services and even a wide range of handyman services. All a person needs to do is join Handy, and then find the service they are interested in using, place an order and just wait for the service to arrive. It is very easy to use the platform and it offers consumers a way to get quick service from various types of providers. For example, if a person wanted home cleaning services, they would log into Handy from their iPhone, find a home cleaning provider, place an order and before they know it, they will receive their service.

It is easy to join Handy and anyone with an iPhone can and should try it out.

Yeonmi Park To Be The Youngest Ever Speaker At The Timothy And Sharon Ubben Lecture

Yeonmi Park, the human rights activist, will be appearing at DePauw University, where she will tell her remarkable story. Park is the youngest-ever speaker at the Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture. I recently found out about Park when I was perusing the latest news on the Depauw University website. The story of her life “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” will soon be published by Penguin.

Park’s story is an intriguing one. She grew up in North Korea, which is considered be the most closed society on Earth. She had an epiphany one day when she watched a banned version of “Titanic.” The famous love story showed her something she had never known. She had been indoctrinated into thinking that dying for the regime in control of North Korea was the most honorable activity anyone could do. After she saw Titanic she realized that man would die for a woman he loved. She vowed to leave North Korea, never to return. She escaped North Korea through a network of Chinese human traffickers, who helped her relocate to South Korea. The entire story is one that tells of the hardships that she had to endure. The Chinese government actively pursues human traffickers and returns refugees back to North Korea where they face unspeakable punishment.

Park received international attention when she spoke at the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum and the One Young World Summit in Dublin. People from around the world heard her speech and began paying attention to what she had to say about North Korea. Love is a prevailing theme for Park. It’s the emotion that moved her to believe in a better life. She believes that love can really conquer all. Park has devoted her life to spreading the word about the plight of people in North Korea. She has stated that she felt like she was “forgotten” during her years in exile.

Yeonmi Park stated on her website that she does not think that reconciliation on the Korean peninsula is possible. She believes that the South Koreans don’t want it, and the North Koreans are in no position to work towards that goal. Park feels that Kim Jong-Un is a cruel leader who deserves punishment for his mistreatment of the North Korean population. She is steadfastly working to raise awareness of the situation of refugees. Their status in China and North Korea is problematic. If they are able to reach Mongolia, they can achieve asylum and travel on to other countries. The biggest problem occurs for those who are captured in China. Life in South Korea has also proven extremely difficult for those who manage to escape due to a massive diversity in culture. Park hopes to change the minds of South Koreans about refugees.

Turning Around A Failing Business

One of the largest problems lurking around businesses or projects is failure. Businesses fail due to a number of factors – failed leadership role, employee turnover, inefficient management and so on. It is usually assumed that a business is being run by a trained and skilled personnel. Most of the time, this is not the case. Someone is managing the business along with his or her other tasks and things slip through the cracks within no time. With that in mind, below are some useful tips to turn around a failing business.

The first step to turn around a business that has the tendency to fall apart is to learn to recognize its failing status. This means admitting that there is a problem or failure is just a few steps away. A problem is evident when a business lacks a good systematic plan. When there is a disagreement on business requirements and good documentations are absent, problems are clearly visible. Such issues make it difficult to run the business. Lack of team involvement and lack of clearly defined end are other reasons for a failing business. What is needed at this point is to prepare for the potential problems and take it from there. For example, Citadel LLC, one of the largest hedge fund management firms had its own share of ups and downs in the year 20008 when recession happened. It was then that Kenneth Griffin its CEO recognized the issues and brought back the company from the brink of collapse.

Similarly, another reason for a business to fail is that communication has fallen apart and people who are significant are not being heard. For instance, Kenneth Griffin recognized that his company had no efficient management structure until a couple of years later. The company was not meeting the customers’ expectations of profit. Kenneth devised a plan and formed a team that investigated the root causes of such issues. The team identified the causes and put action plans in place to rectify the problems. There are many reasons why effective communication may not happen in a business. Some employees can develop behaviors based on insignificant events. A few episodes of such incidents and group-think can set in. When personnel in management stops listening to team members, mishap can happen at any time. When team members are not being heard, projects tend to fail. When communication stops, everything else fails.

There are times when a business is trying to turn around but simply can’t be saved because of fate. And there are times when the business has been dragged on and on with no end to loss in sight with myriad of other problems. The answer to this problem is to sell the business gracefully instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. So, when its wrong, it is simply wrong.

Computer Sciences Corporation and CEO Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation is an Information Technology Company that has locations all over the world. They offer services dealing with Information Technology as well as professional services. Their corporate offices are in Falls Church, Virginia. Computer Sciences Corporation has offices in seventy countries that employee over seventy thousand employees.

Computer Sciences Corporation offers application services to bring companies up to the twenty-first century and assist with testing and management applications for coming generations. They also offer all the data solutions a company needs. They can analyze problems that companies may have and come in as a consultant and implement solutions to those problems. They work with iCloud issues and offer answers to expand and grow your company and its capabilities. They offer companies help with Cybersecurity, the problems that can result from that, solutions and help with recovery related to those problems. They offer the newest and best software and the solutions to any problems the company may have with using them. They also offer services relating to Infrastructure and its related problems, IT problems, implementation, and solutions, help with managing your company’s services and outsourcing. Their company can give your company more mobility in your services to work all over the world.

They also work in Commercial Services in the areas of Chemical, Technology, Life, Annuities and Pensions, Communications, Media and Entertainment, Aerospace & Defense, Utilities, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Automotive, Travel & Transportation, Natural Resources, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Energy, Retail, Property & Casualty-General Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Reinsurance, Life Sciences, and Communications.

Eric Pulier is the Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corp., he also a public speaker on premier technology, an entrepreneur, a published author, a columnist, and a technologist. He has founded and started fifteen different companies and raised millions for other companies he has helped start dealing with technology and media. He is known as one of the most successful business start-up specialist that deals with technology and government related companies. He has gotten his companies financially started working with the most successful venture capitalist in the world. Eric Pulier is a part of the Clinton Global Initiative first started by Bill Clinton and he is a part of the Enterprise Leadership Council as their Executive Director. This PDF also discusses the CEO.

He has also done a large amount of charity work and has donated millions to charity. He has helped start charity organizations like The Painted Turtle which helps children with severe illnesses and he is also on their Board of Directors. He also sits on the Board of Directors for the X-Prize Foundation; they sponsor competitions to help solve the world’s greatest problems that affect the world and the people on it. Mr. Pulier currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with all four of his children.

BRL Trust Find Finance Success Through Sports Links

The BRL Trust has been a well known name in the world of Brazilian finance almost since the day the company was founded in 2005. Perhaps the biggest compliment that can be paid to BRL Trust is the fact that those working within the Brazilian financial fields and those looking to break into the world of Brazilian banking understand just how hard it has become to obtain a position with the company. The fact that most recent graduates from colleges and universities in Brazil and across South America battle each year to work for the BRL Trust shows that in just over a decade the company has become integral to the future of Brazil.

BRL Trust began life as a loan administration company, but after being placed in control of more than 100 loans by the close of the first year of business the company quickly expanded into other products and services. The retail side of the financial industry is now catered to by BRL Trust and clients come from a variety of backgrounds to seek out the best investment opportunities in Brazil with the financial institution. As the many different types of products and services offered by BRL Trust have expanded, the company has also seen its original aim of supplying loan administration services bring more business and fame to the company. Here, BRL Trust was written about by

The main aspect of the work of BRL Trust that made the company a household name in Brazil and brought it to the attention of the global financial industry was the arrival of the FIFA World Cup in 2014. Concerns had been expressed that the site of the opening ceremony and first game in Sao Paulo would not be completed on time or on budget, which led to fears the country would not have enough stadiums or the correct infrastructure to host the tournament. The stadium being constructed would later house the FC Corinthians club who had been mired in red tape and financial difficulties for many years as the stadium plans were submitted for approval. Only after the arrival in the situation of BRL Trust did the financial problems disappear and the BRL Trust made sure the stadium was completed on time without affecting the hosting of the tournament as a whole.

QNet’s Management Provides Honest Descriptions Of Direct Selling

The management of QNet is definitely honest. In a recent interview, the top manager from QNet has pointed out that direct selling is not a “get rich quick scheme”. Such honesty is not common in the world of e-commerce. Entrepreneurs who do want to make a lot of money in direct selling should be very happy at the words QNet’s Ajay Chanam made in a recent interview. By providing an honest assessment of how the business model works, only serious people will gravitate towards it.

Why would anyone want to get involved with direct selling? Chanam pointed out another truism regarding the industry. He has noted a lot of money can be made in the world of direct selling provided someone was willing to put in the necessary work to do so.

Of course, the company someone works with plays a role in success potential. With QNet, there are roughly 30 products for sale. QNet has established a way of properly working with its affiliates. No matter what type of product one chooses to sell, the way the home office of QNet deals with the sales representative never changes.

Entrepreneurs might look towards QNet thanks to the diversity of its products. Members have the ability to select from any number of those 30 products.

Yes, they have to work very hard to push the sale of the products. Still, with such a large array of products to work with, the ability to pick the right one becomes more likely. If one person is better at selling watches, QNet can provide top quality timepieces to that person. Someone else may be good with promoting weight management products.

Products that fit this category do exist and are available. And then there are those who are better served promoting services instead of products. Once again, QNet can provide service-oriented programs such as travel discounts, online learning subscriptions, and more.

Then, another possibility exists for entrepreneurs to combine various different products and services. Granted, a lot of multi-tasking and organizational skills are required in order to achieve a desirable outcome. Those who are interested in putting the necessary effort to make this type of business model work could see great profits.

Those who are situated in India will be pleased to learn there are unique products and services available (and new ones being made available) for the Indian market. QNet is moving all of its production facilities to India and this opens a number of wonderful opportunities for India-based entrepreneurs.

QNet does have operations set up in several other countries throughout the world. Those who think QNet is for them, and are up for working hard, should look closely at the products and services available for direct selling.