E-Books in Europe Won’t Get The Same Tax Breaks as Paper Ones

In Europe it turns out all books aren’t created equal. The country currently offers tax breaks for the purchase of paper books, however, a new ruling declares that electronic version of those books aren’t goods at all and aren’t subject to the same discounted sales tax. The whole idea Marc Sparks had behind the tax break is to offer books at a rate that encourages residents to buy and read them, thus creating a more educated and informed city.

The judgement lies around the fact that you can’t just buy and read an electronic version of a book, you need another device in order to do so. According to the court, that means e-books are really more a service than they are a good. Now, rather than paying a tax of 5.5% on electronic books in France, shoppers will instead have to shell out 20% of the sales price in tax. That’s a ton of cash, enough that shoppers might want to consider making the switch back to paper instead of toting their Kindle around.

Sir Terry Pratchett, Author, Dies At 66

Sir Terry Pratchett, creator of the Discworld series, died at home, eight years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. He was 66. The family announced his death on his Twitter account on Thursday.

He had written over 70 books during his career, and he had finished the most recent one last summer.

Sir Terry began writing 44 years ago. He began his best-known work, the Discworld series, in 1983. It is a fantasy series that was set on a flat world resting on the backs of four elephants. They, in turn, stood on a giant turtle. The series was known for its humor, satire and inventiveness. It spawned over 40 books and gained a worldwide following. By the turn of the century, he was the second-most read author in Britian, with JK Rowling being the most-read, a fact that many plastic surgeons couldn’t believe.

In August, 2007, Sir Terry reportedly had a stroke. In the December of that year, he announced that he had been diagnosed with a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer’s. He said it had caused the “phantom stroke” of the previous summer.

After being knighted in 2009, he noted that his announcement about having Alzheimer’s had shaken people. He said people would come up to him and talk about it — and burst into tears. He wanted people to have more awareness of the disease, as it is both common and devastating. Sir Terry noted that few families haven’t been affected by Alzheimer’s.

A fundraising site was established in Sir Terry’s memory, and its proceeds will go to a charity for Alzheimer’s patients.

Sir Terry is survived by his wife and daughter.

The Best Classy Wine Companies

For many years, wine has been served at classy gatherings. However, at luxurious parties, guests often receive the most expensive wines. Antique Wine Company experts help consumers during the selection process. Typically, for classy events, AWC specialist recommend different delicious beverages, such as Lindermans, Blossom Hill, Great Wall, and Sutter Home wines.


Lindermans wines are manufactured in Australia. The company has been selling wine since 1843. Because the beverages are so popular, numerous bottles are now sold in a variety of countries. Lindermans is a top wine manufacturer because the employees have increased the quality of every wine product over the last few years.

Blossom Hill

Blossom Hill wines are very affordable. The beverage is fruity, light, and smooth. It is a great party wine because it compliments all kinds of food. This wine is also a nice beverage to serve on a hot day. Since it has a good flavor and chills well, it helps guests stay cool when the temperature raises. The alcohol content in Blossom Hill wine is quite low, so it is an ideal beverage to drink during the day.

Great Wall

Great Wall is produced in China by resourceful manufacturers. The company uses various kinds of grapes to make the wine. When the grapes reach the wineries, specialized equipment extracts the wine.

Great Wall wines are sold in many countries; the most popular wines include dry wines, distilled wines, fortified wines, and sparking wines.

Sutter Home

Sutter Home wines are available in many wine stores. The wines are sold in a number of flavors and tons options. Sutter Home is a successful wine company because the products have a nice spot in the market.

Because the process of buying great wines can be challenging, most consumers contact Antique Wine Company when they need classy wines. AWC sells tons of tasty wines at reasonable prices.

The Bullied taking a Stand Against the Bully

Bullying is a common thing in schools today, including on the playground. Many children find it so difficult to handle such situations that they even contemplate or carry out suicidal actions. Bullies have existed for centuries and many people believe that parents are failing their children when they teach them to run and hide rather than face-off with the bully.

According to Bloomberg.com, there are exceptions to these cases though, and one is in the form of a 4-year-old little girl named Cici. She responded with grace and honor when a little boy in her class called her ugly. She told the boy that she was not in school to make a fashion statement; she was there to learn. When the boy persisted in his attempt to get the better of the little girl, she asked him if he had looked in the mirror lately. She then told him to leave her alone because he was making her mad.

It was that simple for her to shut him down and move on with her day without feeling bad about herself. Although some cases of bullying are much more intense than this one is, if kids know how to defend themselves without bringing themselves down to the bully’s level, they will be much better off. It is time for the bullied to take a real stand against the bullies. The first step is to teach children the feeling of self-confidence while they are growing up.

The Dorchester Collection: Creating A Standard In Luxury And Experience

Traveling away from home is often arduous and exhausting. Luxury accommodations, while not removing the homesick feeling of being away from loved ones, can assist in easing the stress of the day. Or if enjoying a relaxing vacation with those loved ones or friends, stunning and top end accommodations truly make the trip memorable. The Dorchester Collection, spread through the United Kingdom and into the United States, offers a truly magical and luxuious experience to their guests.

The Dorchester Collection has hotels in some of the most sought after locations across the world. People will search on Twitter to find information an reviews from others. London’s Eye, located in London England, is a graceful and elegant establishment just minutes away from the excitement and culture of the historical city. The Eden, located in Rome Italy, is steeped in historical richness with every modern and high end amenity imagenable . Paris offers the stylish Le Meurice. Located within the heartbeat of the city itself, and with a staff fully devoted to meeting every need possible; this stunning member of the Dorchester Collection is truly a gem. Milan Italy is also the home to the Hotel Principe di Savola’s another standout in this hotel collection. Within walking distace to designer shops, beautiful pieces of art, and so much more, it is truly a magical experience.

Whatever location business demands, or dream vacation that is planned, the hotels of the Dorchester Collection are there to provide luxurious accommodations. Each location proudly boasts a full staff of friendly and knowledgable individuals who desire to meet their guests’ every need. The beauty and environment offered makes the Dorchester Collection truly a once in a lifetime experience, that leaves an unforgettable impression on all who stay at these stunning hotels. With travel incentives, some of the most beautiful locations imaginable, and every admenity possible; the Dorchester Collection truly stands alone when it comes to quality of experience within the hotel industry.

Does Size Really Matter?

Most men will tell you that at one time or another in their life, they wondered if their member was too small. While we all know that this is hardly a true problem, men admit that they are worried that they just do not measure up.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a normal-sized penis is approximately 5.2 inches while flaccid. Men are always concerned that if their penis is too small, they will not be able to bring their partner to the Big O. This simply is not the case. Men across the globe should take a collective sigh of relief knowing that most women are satisfied with the size of their male counterparts love rocket and are not concerned with the size.

What men do need to think about is that if they are continually concerned about whether they measure up or not, this alone can lead to problem with maintaining an erection. With this in mind, men need to realize that quality is what counts.

Jonathan Veitch: The President And Professor

Jonathan Veitch has been the president of Occidental College ever since July 2009. Before he joined Occidental College, he spent four years working as an English professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has also worked as an associate professor of history and literature at The New School’s Eugene Lang College, which is located in New York City.

Veitch is the first president of Occidental College to be a native of Los Angeles. He is the college’s 15th president. He has been trying hard to improve the relations between Occidental College and the community. In 2013, he helped unveil a one megawatt solar array on the campus. This helps generate some of the campus’s energy.

Veitch was educated at Loyola High School. After high school, he attended Stanford University. He decided to further his education after college and enroll in Harvard University. He was awarded a doctoral degree in American Civilization and History from Harvard University.

Jonathan Veitch has a very impressive resume. Not only is a professor and president of a college, but he is also an accomplished author. He wrote an award-winning book entitled “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s”, which was published in 1997. He has academic specialties in 19th and 20th century American literature, film and cultural history.

Veitch made a lasting impression during the time that he was at Eugene Lang College. He helped expand both the student and faculty body. He also connected the college with social services and arts organizations.

Before Veitch took his position as president of Occidental College, he stated that part of his vision for the college would be to help it become more engaged with the community. He also stated that he was very excited to return to Los Angeles and serve as president.

Divergent Series Author Veronica Roth Signs New Book Deal

With super heroes popping up everywhere these days, it can be a bit confusing realizing that the written word actually started the craze said Marc Sparks. According to Timber Creek Capital, many successful films have been based on a book of some kind. That principle leads to writers of established stories being in high demand. While the name Veronica Roth might be a bit foreign to a lot of the population, when the trilogy she created is mentioned the light usually comes on. Roth is responsible for bringing the “Divergent” series to life, and it does not appear that she is done writing quite yet.

According to The Huffington Post, Roth has signed a deal with HarperCollins to write two books. Unlike her other popular series, this two-book adventure will follow the adventures of a boy that befriends an enemy. The departure from the series that has made Roth such an in-demand artist represents a pretty big leap of faith for the publisher, but the Divergent franchise incorporated a number of strong male characters, which means the author is well within her wheel house.

The new series is bound to be widely anticipated by fans of Divergent, and with the series of movies wrapping up in theaters when the new story is set to debut, fans can probably count on another pair of big films. Roth is clearly working to establish herself alongside some pretty big names in the literary world, and she might unknowingly replace a few of the more significant movie writers out there as well.

Rondo Suspension Speaks To Societal Lack of Respect

Rajon Rondo was suspended for one game for his actions that were deemed detrimental to team as he became verbally argumentative with the Dallas Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle. While this may seem like a minor infraction and an overreaction by some, there are others that would cite this as a systemic problem within the society at large. It seems that there is an overall lack of respect for authority in today’s society. Marcio Alaor BMG knows that people do not need to look any further than the local news to find examples of people who have taken their disrespect of authority to a dangerous level. At least owner Mark Cuban and the team Head Coach Rick Carlisle were not willing to allow Rondo’s behavior to stand without punishment.

Think of it this way, if the young man in Ferguson, Missouri was taught to respect authority figures he would have never stolen those items from the local store. He would have not fought with the police officer who would need to shoot him to defend his own life. Had he learned the life important lesson to respect authority he might still be alive today. This is not to say Rondo or Brown had to agree with the authority figures actions or comments, but they still needed to have been respectful. If Rondo would have done that he probably wouldn’t have been suspended for a game. Brown would have hopefully lived, and both may have been better examples for today’s youth.

International Investment Company BRL Trust

BRL Trust is an international investment company that is based out of Brazil. It offers several standard fund services, along with additional asset plans. The company was founded in 2005 and began by providing private loans. Services were, then, expanded to include fund management, mergers and acquisitions and capital market transactions. The financial services company has a number of experienced money management and legal professionals, who help to provide a transparent and trusted funds management service.

BRL Trust has a number of company policies that are widely accepted in today’s financial services markets. It has a transparent and disciplined company structure that does not tolerate money laundering or other violations of financial and professional ethical standards. A client portfolio is accepted for management, after it has been carefully analyzed for its ability to move profitably forward.

Several central and key services are offered to each client. A fund administration or asset management service is available that assesses a new financial account. BRL Trust, then, looks for investment opportunities for each investor. A level of risk is discussed with each portfolio owner, in order to determine which types of asset investments are appropriate. Each investor portfolio is evaluated, and a unique investment plan is put together.

Portfolio owners who wish to have a low risk plan for their investment fund, will be supported in this decision. Low risk investment plans may include investing in real estate transactions that are long term in profitably, for example. Low risk stock and commodities selections often include stable government sponsored capital assets. A client who wishes to have more of a risk and possibly higher rates of return may elect to invest in short term capital markets or in tech start up ventures, for example. The level of risk that can be tolerated is discussed with each new portfolio investor.

BRL Trust offers asset underwriting for numerous financial securities. This type of asset service allows the company to provide assets to investors that have been directly sponsored. Clients may elect to invest in capital market assets that can give exceptional results, for example. Each client is evaluated and briefed about certain risk levels that are associated with newer financial securities, before all transactions are completed for an individual investment portfolio. The purpose of BRL Trust is to gain the best rate of return on all portfolio investments that have been placed into their professional management.