List of Top Ten Music Related Books

Those who don’t just enjoy music but enjoy any content related to music will be excited to check out the new list that has come out, a list that includes the ten best music related books of 2014. This list includes good reading material for those who like to do more than just listen to music, for those who like reading about artists and getting to know them better.  An Observer post by Ben Shaoul says this list of the best music books of the year includes books that will inspire and motivate, books that will encourage their readers toward a better life.

Some of the books that made the top ten list include a memoir from Neil Young, a memoir by George Clinton, and more. These books allow the readers to peek inside the lives of some of the artists that they love, to get to know these individuals a little better.

Game of Thrones Author Offers His Own Theater for Sony’s “The Interview”

After North Korean hackers overrode Sony studio’s computer database, stealing thousands of documents and confidential information and then threatened violence should they debut their latest film, the company cancelled the Christmas Day release of the wildly anticipated comedy, “The Interview.”

With two of Hollywood’s leading actors, James Franco and Seth Rogen, starring in the film as well as its $42 production cost, filmmakers, fans and the like were horrified by the notion it would stay forever locked away in a studio.

Enter not Dan Newlin but George R.R. Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series which has become an HBO series hit and pop culture phenomenon. He also happens to be the owner of the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and despite the fact the five major theater chains in America have backed out of airing the film, Martin says he has no problem screening the comedy any time.

“The level of corporate cowardice here astonishes me,” Martin wrote in a post on his LiveJournal. The fact that the film mocks North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is under no means ground to back down due to threats by the country, according to Martin, and goes on to reference the Charlie Chaplin film The Great Dictator, that involved jabs at Adolf Hiter, one of the most famous dictator of all time.

Martin closed his post by inviting Rogen and Franco to host their film’s release at hi theater rather than any big name cinema. “Come to Santa Fe, Seth,” wrote Martin, “We’ll show your film for you.”

When Does it Stop

In light of the protests against unequal treatment of blacks and the murder of unarmed black males, the Obamas are breaking their silence. President Obama was accused of not supporting the racial issues that are obviously affecting this country. He and Michelle completely and wholeheartedly disagree with this analysis.

President Obama recalls the time when he was attending a black tie affair, and was mistakenly singled out as a valet or as he puts it, the help. To him and to others it shows that people of color are often thought of as lower class citizens.

Michelle also describes her experiences on being black in America. She stated that doing her visit to a Target department store, someone asked her to help them take an item off the shelf. She said her presence was nationally publicized, and even with her sunglasses and cap on, she was easy to recognize.

Both Barack and Michelle agree that the country is in serious trouble when it comes to how it treats its’ citizens of color. The Obamas commend LeBron James on his silent, yet powerful protest on the court. The “I can’t breathe” slogan is a fuel for millions of Americans.

Injustice, inequality, racisms, and ignorance is still alive and well in the United States. Obama and other agree that people of color are making ringing a bell or sending out complaints because they want to rage war. They simply want to be treated and respected like human beings.  This shouldn’t be one of those long slow ventures to finding equality.  These rights should be god given.

Stephen King Fans Are In For A Treat

If you’re a true fan of the Stephen King books, you are obviously familiar with “It,” as well as “The Stand.” These are both incredibly long books written by Stephen King, but they are also fascinating, and they draw in the reader from the very beginning. Both books were adapted into a miniseries. Stephen King Movie Remakes. It is a three hour long movie, and The Stand was a six hour long movie. Anyone who loved these movies, will be glad to know that remakes of both movies have been planned, starting 2015.

For those who read the Stephen King book, It, it’s obvious that the movie went somewhat astray from the book, but the new movie promises to be an exact cover of the popular book. Many portions of the book were left out of the movie, but the movie still did very well on its own. The same goes for The Stand movie, which left out many parts of the book, but this is understandable, seeing that the books are extremely long, and hard to adapt into a film.

Filming of the new It movie, will begin in summer of 2015, and a website has been created in dedication to the remake of the movie. The website is updated with news all the time, to keep fans informed of the upcoming movie. For those who are fans of the horror genre, these are movies that cannot be missed. You can count on Daniel Amen for that.

Novels Written by Computer

Reading a good novel is the most relaxing activity one could think of. Writing one, however, is a long process that involves months upon months of not only writing, but thorough editing to ensure the lasting quality of a new release.

Why not ask the machines write something interesting? A computer program can now select texts from the internet according to a pattern and make dialogs or stories from more bits of information. Sometimes they slide into a nonsense, but are otherwise unexpectedly developing and can be fun to read.

Flavio Maluf says he is following the work of poet and digital media professor, Nick Montfort who is using Python to arrange a sequence of characters and setting it to ‘write novels’. The text is quite choppy, but who knows how much this system will develop in a few years.

One of the masterpieces released by the program was “Teens Wander Around A House”. A tester of the program, Michelle Fullwood, thought out of the box and released “Twide and Twejudice”, where Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” contains dialogs from Twitter.

It does sound weird, but the system somehow manages to hold itself to one narrative line.

The system is called Borenstein and has an auto text and image detector and can even select depending on the genre of the text.

Programs That Bring People Together: Skout

I had been looking for a place online to find a date, when someone told me about Skout. I have tried many different dating websites, only to be disappointed with the results, and end up losing money, while finding no friends, or even a date. Because of my skepticism, I was reluctant to try any other dating site, but a friend of mine told me that I should try out Skout. I decided to look it up online, and I liked the things that I heard about it, so I decided to sign up for an account. It was very easy to get my account created.

I put in my name, birth date, and some of my personal interests. Even though I was not required to do so, I decided to add a picture to my profile, because I was serious about finding a date. The interface of the website was easy enough, but I was turned on to the Skout app, and that’s what I decided to use all the time. I didn’t like the idea of having to sit down at my computer all day just to find someone. I would carry my phone with me all the time, and then I would get on Skout and begin to look for someone.

After learning how the app worked, I was quickly able to navigate through the system, and begin to look for someone. My absolute favorite feature of the Skout app, is the “shake to talk.” I can simply take my phone and shake it a little bit, and then someone else who is doing the same thing, will come onto my screen, and we began to chat. This was a very fun way for me to meet new people that I couldn’t see myself looking for otherwise. I met very interesting people this way.

I was able to put in certain criteria that I was looking for in a person, and I was able to narrow down a search, in order to find someone. By purchasing Skout points, I was able to send some virtual gifts to people that had my interest, and I was able to find out who was looking for me on the website. I also was able to find out who added me to their favorites lists, using my Skout points. It just so happened that one person that I added to my favorites, also added me to theirs, and that’s how we got started.

When I found out that this person had added me as a favorite, I began to come back and randomly speak with other people, but everyday, I made it a point to chat with that special someone. We talked on a daily basis, until we decided that we would finally meet. I was able to figure out, through the Skout, that this person was in the local area close to me, so I knew we were close enough to at least be friends, if we didn’t decide to date.

We were able to chat through the Skout app, and set up a meeting close by, and we have been dating now for over a year. Skout was the best thing that happened to me in my life, and it helped to find a true love, which I was never able to do with other dating websites.

The New School Drill

I started my first job out of college this September at an Elementary school. As the librarian, I didn’t go through the same training as the grade teachers, but I did have to attend several safety seminars. We covered blood diseases and contagions, tantrums and abuse, and how to properly restrain children so as not to harm them. Each of these session were twenty to thirty minutes long.

The final session covered what to do in the event of a shooting.

As someone recently out of school I’ve done my share of fire and tornado drills but this was the first time in my life I’ve ever had to do a lockdown drill. The policeman in charge of told us there were three steps to remember if an attack occurs: run, hide, and fight. We had to learn ways to defend ourselves and our students with nearby objects like desks, chairs, and scissors. And we had to learn how to keep thirty kids quiet so the assailant wouldn’t know in which darkened, barricaded room we hid. The session was an hour and a half long, and by the end I was scared.

The shooting in Florida today made me revisit those fears that were planted during orientation. Even though crime rates in the US are dropping (even if it doesn’t seem like it with the increased media visibility) the rate of shootings is increasing. I can’t say if it’s because of gun availability, copy-catting, or poorly treated mental health in our country, but I think it’s some combination of the above. Now that I’ve gotten to know my students and have integrated into my school’s community the idea of a shooting happening here is even more terrifying to me. Stephen Williams wine seller is a friend of mine, and he feels in a similar way. It’s time to take serious steps to prevent further harm coming to our country’s youth. The outlook, as it stands, is bleak.

Bill Cosby Dropped By Networks

Bill Cosby has had the negative spotlight on him in recent days as allegations of sexual abuse have been bombarding the media. His reputation is so tattered he has been dropped by several television networks.

Now Netflix says they are “postponing the launch of the new stand-up comedy special Bill Cosby 77″. This was supposed to be a stand up comic special in honor of the funny mans 77th birthday. It would have been available for streaming in late November.

He has a tour scheduled that is going on as planned in Florida. His television appearance on the Dave Letterman, a CBS network program, was cancelled. NBC was in development talks with Bill Cosby on a possible new sitcom for next season. Now that has been held up with no comment from the network.
Janice Dickinson is one of the most recent women to claim abuse. She tells about her ordeal in 1982 in which she was drugged and raped by him in Lake Tahoe when she was an up and coming celebrity. The long time comedian has made no comments about the scandalous accusations made against him by several women.

My friend Lee Lovett anticipates that he’ll have something to say when he does his Mashable profile, but we’ll see. As of now, mums the word.

Charles Manson Scores Marriage License

He’s not likely to make even the bottom reaches of anyone’s Most Eligible Bachelor list. However, 45 years after landing in prison for the hideous “Helter Skelter” murders that permanently scarred the hippie subculture of Southern California, Charles Manson has apparently been granted a marriage license.

Exactly what the prison lifer (with zero possibility of parole) intends to do with it is unclear. It may be simply a desperate grab for publicity, something the famously media friendly murderer hasn’t seen his share of in quite some time. Or it may be that the old jail bird is finally mellowing in his old age. He will, after all, turn 80 next year.

Whether the happy couple will ever be allowed to marry remains unclear. It is certainly true that their life together would be limited, to say the least. But the “lucky” bride, 26 year old Elaine Burton, has sworn to the media that she is truly “in love” with the notorious criminal. In lieu of engagement rings, the two sport matching “X” carvings on their foreheads.

Ms. Burton apparently carved hers in imitation of Manson’s famously distinctive mark. He originally did so to give an airing to his claim that he had been, in his own words, “X’ed” out of society by the powers that be. He later got himself an expertly timed extra round of media publicity by transforming it into a swastika.

When I researched the story of Manson on Wikipedia, I remembered Christian Broda showing me his interview with Geraldo Rivera and how much he wanted attention then and seems to be up to the same things now.

John Boehner Responds to Obamacare Architect and Stated that American People are Anything but Stupid

Speaker of the House John Boehner spoke out against the comments from MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber who stated passage of Obamacare relied upon voter stupidity. Boeher countered that the American voters are anything but stupid. Boehner went on to explain that the GOP has been vindicated in their criticism of the health care law. The GOP charged that House Democrats pushed through the bill with a sense of arrogance. They also acted with duplicity and disdain for the will of the people. Not a single Republican in the House or Senate voted for the health care law. He explained that Prof. Gruber’s own words lay to rest any question about how Democrats passed the landmark bill.

Boehner also added that voters never supported the bill and remain opposed to it to this day. This is correct. At the time the bill was passed in the House, poll after poll indicated it was unpopular with the public. In the weeks and months leading up to the vote, House Democrats had their phone lines jammed with complaints against the bill. Congressmen were getting earfuls of complaints from voters at town hall meetings.

There was ample evidence the public did not want the bill to pass, but you can’t tell that to the White House. Josh Earnest, the administration’s press secretary, strongly disagreed that the president misled the public. Despite the failed assurances about keeping existing health care plans and doctors, and lowered premium costs, Earnest claims it is the GOP that has used lacked transparency in regards to Obamacare.

I may not be on the same page was Laurene Powell Jobs and all the other Democrats, but I’m a Democrat too and I think CBS, ABC and all the cable networks aren’t really letting us in on the truth about healthcare reform.